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Brandblack J Crossover II ‘BHM’ – Detailed Look & Review

I finally get to see first hand what Brandblack is all bout.

Chris has been teasing me with his experience of the J Crossover II, and his good word put me in high anticipation to try out the fashionable model from the LA based company myself. So I went ahead and picked up the Black History Month colorway of the J Crossover II that features my favorite design element to put on a sneaker, reflective materials. Check out my detailed look and review of this amazing colorway and silhouette in the video above, and please let me know what you guys think about Brandblack in general in the comments section below.

You can check out the WearTesters Performance Review of the J Crossover II here.

  1. Been trying to cop a pair of these for at least two months. Can never find my size. I’m hoping they do a wider release sometime soon.

  2. I’ve been trying hard as hell to get these and the black & tan Future Legends color ways for the last two months. BrandBlack finally responded to me when I called them out on a IG post. They said that those special editions were really limited and that the 4 GR color ways will be widely available in March. It’s looking like the Breds for me now if I’m not completely salty about them not making enough special editions. I mean there have literally been no more than 3 pair per size where I’ve been looking.

    So what is the BHM story behind these? This could easily be a standard launch color even with the 3M. What size do you wear by the way Jarron? I’m hunting size 12.

    1. The BB rep I talked to said early April for more of the bhm colorway to release so hopefully that is at least accurate but man is that a long time to eagerly wait.. idk bout the future legends though.

    2. The story is….pay them, there is no story. You know as well as I do, that when they (the stories started) it was a legit thing, now it’s just (oh let’s call this that, boom they’ll buy it!).

      This isn’t a shot at BB, it’s a shot at all the shoe companies.

    3. Just look at the previous post from Nightwing2303 via from when I went to the NYC trade show to meet w/ the BB team.
      Coming as early as February – Black/Red, White/Royal
      March – Maroon
      And the rest will follow.

  3. For a colour that is supposedly Black history month that is very plain and uninspiring, similar to Nikes and UAs this year….very lazy

  4. While Chris brings the killer reviews, Jarron brings that energy and genuine sneaker fanboy hype! Keep it coming man, I love seeing you all excited in your videos!

  5. There’s a pair of the BHM size 11 for sale on ebay, price is high but it’s the only pair I could find available so i’m sure someone will cop soon. Unfortunately its not my size.

    1. Yeah that’s the official release for some of the gr colorways according to brandblack but I wouldn’t sleep on bb doing some early releases or flash drops.

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