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BrandBlack J Crossover II (2) ‘Reflective Silver’ – Detailed Look & Review

Hey Guys, here is a detailed look at the upcoming BrandBlack J Crossover 2 ‘Reflective Silver’. I also go over some of the pairs I wore during the shoes wear-testing process, prior to their release, along with the all-new Force Vector that I’ve been testing.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. super clean, will look to buy this colorway. By the way a bunch of my friends living in china are looking to cop, but they currently don’t ship internationally. Do you know if they plan on providing that service in the near future?

      1. Fyi I also see blue. Unlike that damn dress (which was lavender and olive green in my opinion). Lol. Great vid as always.

  2. So, so sick! I love the colorway, and I can’t wait till the force vectors to release. Also, it is very nice to see you have such a great relationship with the brand to continue enjoying your passion and hobby. I can just imagine how proud and satisfying you are not only to have come this far but also to have shoes released that you have input in.

      1. NW I am doing tests for Nike for a year or so and I would like to do that for Brandblack too. I just bought 3 of their shoes. Is there a way to reach them?

  3. i buy all my bball shoes wit nw recommendation first. like i just bought my first under armour shoe, d anatomix spawn 2, on sale. i really wanted to try micro g, coz of nw’s high praises… hey nw, wat do u thnk is better, micro g, or jetlon? ur singing praises nowadays for brandblack, im just curious which do u thnk is better cushion

    1. I agree bc i cant decide between curry 1 ua cfd and jc2 with all these raises and no1 rlly does reviews for brandblack cuz theyr all hypebeasts

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