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Performance Deals: The Brandblack J. Crossover 3 is Available for Just $35

brandblack j corssover 3 black red

Yes, you read that correctly. A number of sizes of the Black/Red J. Crossover 3 are available for just $35. Other colorways are down to $80, but this is a steal — no way to argue with that.

Performance reviews of the Brandblack J. Crossover 3 are here and here.

You can pick up your pair of the Black/Red J. Crossover 3 for just $35 by clicking here or on the image below.

NOTE: Raul let us know that you can also grab the White JC3 for $35 — it says $80 but once you add to cart the price drops. Same goes for the all red colorway. Thanks for the tip!

brandblack j corssover 3 black red



  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Been waiting for a LONG TIME to get them at a good price and was hesistant to pull the trigger. Luckily they had my 9.5!

    1. Was just about to say the same thing. It looks like the white/black, all red, and red/black can all be grabbed for $35!

  2. About to buy these for ball based on reviews. For anyone that’s seen them in person, what looks better – white or all red??

    Leaning towards red, but sometimes red sneakers look tacky in person…

  3. They put them back to 80 now. Must have been a mistake on their part. I wanted to buy them for 39 but now back up to 80. Next time then.

    1. Yeah… Didn’t have 9.5 in the whites yesterday. They have them back in stock today for some reason but the price is 80… Oh well

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