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Brandblack is Coming to Finish Line

Brandblack is coming to Finish Line on March 15, 2015! We have word that the J. Crossover II will be available when the brand goes live at Finish Line. Let’s hope that eventually the JCIII will arrive at Finish Line locations as well (we should have word on this soon). At WearTesters we love Brandblack so this is great news; it’s finally time Brandblack made their phenomenal products available to a larger audience.

Thoughts on Brandblack products coming to Finish Line? Share them in the comments below.

      1. lol just kidding of course it’s good news. If you would help me with nikeids that would be better 🙂

  1. Pretty excited about this one, I’m a big Finish Line fan, they do have free shipping on most of the non sale shoes, plus those $20 reward coupons you can use on ANYTHING. I found my first pair of BrandBlack shoes the other day at a Ross, it was those teal Blackhawks, they’re ok, but were only $25 so whatever. Anyway looking forward to finally getting some J Crossovers.

  2. Sweet! Can’t wait to try the new model. Got my only pair of BB JCrossover from NightWing and those are really nice to ball in.

  3. In store? If so, that would be awesome. I don’t buy shoes unless I try them on. Fit is my most important aspect.

  4. Very cool. This is good news. That’s a bit rare for Finishline ever since they stopped allowing discounts on Nike products.

  5. I hope they release on Eastbay too, otherwise I won’t be able to cop them as Finishline don’t ship to France :/

  6. Music to my ears! I was definitely waiting for a confirmation on this. The post says that the J Crossover 2 and 3 will be available on when they go live. Do we know what the J Crossover 3 looks like yet?

  7. Hey nightwing, first time commenting, long time reader.. are the red and blue j crossovers the only ones dropping on 3/15? Also I know the tan leather force vectors are supposed to be dropping that day, but will there be any mesh versions too? I’m so stoked for the release! Thanks!

    1. I don’t know all the specifics, but I the Black/ Red color for sure and I think the White/ Blue as well. Then there will be Mesh FV pairs available, just don’t know when they will come. Appreciate the support!

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