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Brand Black JCrossover 2 – Available for Pre-Order

Brand Black has been preparing the consumer for the JCrossover 2 for a while now, and I personally can’t wait to get a pair! There’s not really much that you can not like about this shoe.

Aparently BrandBlack is releasing the JCrossover 2 to a lot of different retailers, not just shoe stores. Reveal Clothing has the JC2 available now for pre-order in select sizes. The only colorway available currently on Reveal is this all black pair, which showcases an all black, woven upper, the blue accents to represent the JC2 being a BrandBlack shoe, and some small metallic silver hits to make it pop.

The BrandBlack JCrossover 2 is available now for pre-order for a price of $154, and don’t forget to check out the performance review from Nightwing to get his thoughts on the upcoming model!

  1. I really wonder how these will do when they are released to the public. Although I think they are a cool design, I don’t see it having mass appeal. I’m willing to try these out if price is around $80, but not full price.

    1. Wish I hadn’t missed this pre-order… the colorway I was after the most!

      Hopefully they’ll pop back up elsewhere eventually

    2. You’re missing out if you’re not willing to try it out. Leaps and bounds better than most shoes out there, including many Sig shoes that cost 180+. I personally like them better than the Jordan XX9 and it costs 85 less.

  2. I really hope i can pick one in the future,sadly with the availabity and shipping cost to my country,it will not be easy(on quite a tight budget )

  3. scored pre order of these due to arrive april 15 cant wait, and shipped straight to aus from reveal website, even better!!!

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