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Big Baller Brand Offers First Look at the Gelo 3 and New Melo 1 Colorways

After pulling LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA, the LaVar Ball has hinted at an upcoming Gelo signature sneaker for the past few months. We finally got our first look during All-Star Weekend.

Gelo, the second son of LaVar Ball, was under NCAA jurisdiction during his short-lived UCLA and was not able to have a signature sneaker. Now that he exited the program (due to a shoplifting charge in China) he was able to showcase his first Big Baller Brand sneaker: the Gelo 3.

Exhibited during a Big Baller Brand pop-up event during NBA All Star weekend — where Ball family members were charging hundreds of dollars for autographs — the Gelo 3 is a high top sneaker that features a simple blue and white colorway. For cushioning, the Gelo 3 features Jetlon+; the foam is also used in Brandblack’s Future Legend and Rare Metal models.

In addition to LiAngelo’s sneaker, Big Baller Brand also displayed the Melo 1 in ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Breast Cancer’ colorways.

What do you think about the Gelo 3? Leave a comment below and let us know.


Images via @thesneakericon

  1. You set aside the brand and whatever you think about the family behind it, and well objectively it’s just meh. Sure enough I bet the play good since BB/SA designed it, but both are underwhelming to look at.

    They can charge as they please, and I’m sure some people are gonna pay for it, but this is just underwhelming to likely everyone without the same trigger finger. The ZO2 Prime was at least a creative rendition of the RM. Been willing to get that on discount, although I missed the only chance so far.

    1. remember when some people gave some excuses about the outrageous price of the shoe? like the cost of the design, molds and stuff? guess a collab cost an arm and a leg. boy, NW’s BrandBlack shoe didn’t even like that.

      you know you have a snake oil salesman in our hand when you say that you could beat the Goat 1 on 1. but you know, some people are just that dumb.

  2. I think I’m in the minority in saying that the Gelos actually don’t look half bad. I mean at least its not a recycled Rare Metal with different materials like the ZO2 and Melo 1.

  3. What a joke. Please don’t post about this. Their like a scaled down brandblack at 4x the price. Ass backwards

    Consumers aren’t purchasing them despite what lavar ball puts out there.

  4. Look like some old Reeboks, these may perform somewhat well on court because of the brandblack heritage and cushion but the design isn’t enough for me, even if they were 100 dollars.

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