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Beauty Shots of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ for 2018

We have exclusive beauty shots of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ for 2018. Not that they needed any. We all know how gorgeous this shoe is.

We you one of the lucky ones that we able to grab a pair of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ early off the SNKRS App?

I wasn’t. I literally slept through the release. Staying up to 3am on a regular basis working on WearTesters and the WearTesters YouTube Channel keeps me from being a morning person.

However, we’ll all get more chances at grabbing a pair as there have been over 1 million manufactured for its pending December 8 release. Can’t believe it’s already going to be December. 2018 went by way too quickly.

Enjoy these amazing images by WearTesters own Stanley Tse and let us know if you plan on scooping up a pair or two on release day.

Images Exclusively for WearTesters via: @tsestanley23

  1. Easy pass for me. My 2011 pair is still holding up great and I consider $220 to be a slap in the face for a shoe made with all synthetic materials. It’s really a bummer, the 11 is my favorite model of all time.

  2. While it’s a classic and great looking shoe, I can’t pull these off casually. And neither can most people, to be honest. I’m not interested in hooping in them and I don’t want to spend $220 for a trophy. Pass. I’ll be in for the infrared 6’s though.

  3. They look cool but I find it hard to justify for the price tag of $220. If I spend that type of money on a shoe I find it hard to walk around in because I feel bad I spent that amount and I do not want to wear them out. Any shoe over $200, therefore, has no appeal to me no matter how cool or good looking they are, just my opinion though

  4. I love how the Nike SNKR app gives me early access for ugly a$$ shoes that I’ve never shown any interest in (hello Vapormax) yet I never get invited for things like this (Jordan Retros or Kobe Protros) that I would actually buy

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