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Ask Me Anything: Nightwing2303

Chris has been in the YouTube sneaker review space for around 13 years and has been interested in sneakers for as long as he can remember. With that comes a lot of experience, knowledge, and insights about the ins and outs of shoes. In this Ask Me Anything video, we gave our loyal Discord community members the chance to ask him anything they could think of. Questions range from asking about his favorite signature line of all time to what he talks about with brand designers. You won’t want to miss all the knowledge he drops.

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What’s in the video?

Some of you viewing this article and watching the video are probably only starting to get into sneakers. Maybe you stumbled upon the channel and website trying to look for a good basketball shoe to play in. Or maybe you’ve been a subscriber and follower of WearTesters since you were 15 and now you’re in your mid-20s still supporting the channel. Whoever you are and whatever your purpose of being here may be, we welcome you and thank you for your support.

Anyone and everyone can learn something from Chris’ answers in this video. To give you a taste of what he talks about in the video, here’s an example of a question:

  • What is your favorite signature line of all time besides Jordans? We all know that Jordan is the king of signature lines and is most people’s favorite overall, but which other lines are your favorites and why?

In the video, Chris gives two answers to this (difficult) question: Penny Hardaway and Kobe Bryant. He says that the Penny line has no misses from the Nike Air Penny 1 to the Nike Air Penny 4, while the Mamba’s line has been the most consistent over the years while also pushing the boundaries of basketball footwear technology, such as adopting a low cut with the Nike Kobe 4.

Don’t hesitate to comment below on some questions you’d like to ask Chris if given the opportunity. You can also provide your opinions on the questions he answered or offer some commentary on the answers that Chris gave. Thank you for supporting WearTesters!

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Did you know that our Discord community is the best place to talk to Chris on a regular basis? Members really can “ask me anything” on a regular basis via our monthly group chats, direct messages, or our hoop sessions. You can join WearTesters here.

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