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Asics GEL-ACE PRO M Performance Review

Asics Gel-Ace Pro M

How does Asics running DNA benefit their newest golf shoe, the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M?

When you think of Asics, golf is probably the last sport that comes to your mind, and for good reason: golf hasn’t ever been a priority for the Japanese sportswear company.

As of late, Asics is trying to change that with the introduction of the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M. While this isn’t Asics’ first golf shoe ever, it’s really the first to have a presence on TOUR.

The Asics GEL-ACE PRO M is the shoe of choice of the 2022 Masters Champion, Hideki Matsuyama. If it’s good enough for him, it’s surely good enough for me (and by extension, you), right?

Let’s find out.


Release Date: May 2022

Price: $200

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: Fantastic traction and stability are offset by a price that doesn’t justify the materials and lack of cushion.


  • Traction
  • Support


  • Cushion
  • Materials
An on foot look at the all-new Asics GEL-ACE PRO M.



The traction on the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M is exceptional, thanks in large part to the standard spiked setup. For a company that’s trying to make its name known in the golf industry, you must nail the traction on the first go-around.

The spikes are placed strategically around the outsole to provide coverage in all directions, and for all conditions.

I could not find any fault with this setup. Sometimes it’s the simple traction patterns that work the best, and such is the case with the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M.


The Asics GEL-ACE PRO M offers phenomenal support and stability thanks to Asics’ Trusstic technology. The Trusstic technology is essentially a reinforced shank plate that runs through the bottom of the shoe to provide added support and reduce twisting.

I found the Trusstic to do an excellent job. The added rigidity made the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M extremely stable and supportive. No unwanted flexing, no unexpected movement.

The traction of the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M is great.



Okay, we’ve reached the awkward part of the review, the cushion. As a company known for its cushion and Gel technology, the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M left me wanting more. The FLYTEFOAM midsole and Gel pad in the heel provided some cushion, sure, but honestly, I didn’t find this pair as comfortable as I’d expected.

The cushion is extremely lightweight, which is a huge bonus when you’re doing a lot of walking, but I found my feet aching a little more than normal after each round. The cushion isn’t bad, but not up to par for such a prestigious company known for its cushion technologies.

I’ll chalk it up to break in time and give Asics the benefit of the doubt here. Most others I’ve talked to have found the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M to be very comfortable, but it’s my job to relay my experience.

The materials on the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M look nice, but don't seem extremely durable.


The Asics GEL-ACE PRO M is super sleek and pretty traditional looking, but the $200 price tag it carries is enough to give me some pause as to the materials used. The synthetic leather upper just doesn’t feel as nice as some other real leather shoes (I’m looking at you, FootJoy).

On top of that, the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M seemed to crease in all of the wrong places. After just a few hours of wear, the upper looks like it’s taken a beating. Not something I’d expect on a $200 shoe.

The Asics GEL-ACE PRO M is a solid shoe with some downsides in the cushion department.

Asics GEL-ACE PRO M Summary

As Asics’ first entry in the TOUR golf shoe market, the Asics GEL-ACE PRO M does a suitable job, but not an amazing one. The $200 price tag is not an easy one to swallow, so I have a hard time recommending these to you unless you’re all in on Asics, or have the chance to try them on and see how they feel for you. Great traction and support are offset by mediocre materials and a lack of promised cushion.

As with most shoes, your mileage may vary…but my miles weren’t as great as I’d hoped.

Total Score


  • Traction
  • Support


  • Cushion
  • Materials
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