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ANTA KT5 | Detailed Look and Review

Klay Thompson’s fifth signature shoe is here. This is our detailed look and review of the ANTA KT5.

Five shoes in and just as consistent on the court as ever. Yes, I’ve begun testing these and so far they’re pretty nice.

However, there are still some visual design elements that I don’t think should have been applied to the shoe. Why does the midsole treatment on this colorway mimic Under Armour’s HOVR? The ANTA A-FlashFoam is awesome under-foot. Why not just color it instead of wrapping it up is mesh. Granted, there are other colorways of the shoe that do not have the mesh treatment. So, if you wanted to try the KT5 out yourself without them looking like a derivative Curry model, check out a different colorway.

Traction hasn’t changed since the KT3, and that’s a good thing. Sticking with what works is rare in today’s sneaker climate. We’re constantly wishing every shoe had Kobe 9 level traction, and often wonder why brands switch patterns when one worked so well. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that with the KT line at this point.

Materials are a bit stiff and rigid — even though they are a knit — so it’ll likely require a bit of breaking in before the build becomes malleable. The shroud is a bit strange, but it should help keep the foot locked down a bit in addition to the laces.

The ANTA KT5 is available now at Famuji Sneaker for $130. You can use our code WEARTESTERS at checkout for a small discount.

Stay tuned for a full performance review in the coming weeks.

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