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ANTA KT 5 Performance Review

Consistency continues to be a strong suit for the ANTA KT line. The ANTA KT5 Performance Review is here.

This is the same overall traction that we’ve seen on the past few models of the KT signature line.

Ever since the KT3 we’ve had this finger print styled pattern and it’s been solid every single time. Its spread across the outsole in circular fashion which allows for multi-directional coverage perfect for any style of play. When it comes to circular traction, it doesn’t matter which way you move or plant your foot — the traction is there for any type of movement.

The pattern itself is thick enough to be used outdoors and widely spaced enough to handle dust fairly well.

The phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the best approach when it comes to traction and this is a prime example of that working out.

ANTA upgraded its A-Flash foam and while it was underwhelming upon a try-on, in motion the cushion feels as smooth as baby’s bottom.

Stability isn’t ignored with this setup so those that love to have a stable ride, I’m one of them, then you’ll enjoy this setup quite a bit. I always say that when a cushion is able to have a nice balance of court-feel and impact protection then that is the best option for the majority of players — this is one of those setups.

Materials, like the cushion, were a bit underwhelming upon first trying them on. The knit was a little firm and crispy. You can tell there was a lot of glue used within the knit build to add some strength and support.

However, once broken-in the materials really feel more like a natural knit than one that was heavily glued together. It doesn’t lose its strength and support once being broken-in so they should give you a nice leather-like feeling once you’ve played in them enough.

I went true to size and that has worked out perfectly for me. There is a little bit of dead-space around the foot, specifically the forefoot, but not enough to bother me to a point where I wish I had a smaller size. Wide footers should be able to fill that bit of dead space comfortably enough to go true to size as well. Trying them on if possible is always the best option just to be safe.

Lockdown was solid. The traditional lacing system worked well. There is an overlay shroud that works, but I still felt it to be a bit unnecessary.

One thing I disliked was the collar height. They’re a bit too tall and end up feeling a bit restrictive and cumbersome at the ankle. This ended up making a near perfect feeling on-foot feel as if I was wearing a boot at times. If the collar was cut more like a mid top I think that would have been perfect.

Support on the KT5 is solid. There is a decent outrigger, the base is nice and flat, the torsional shank works really well and the internal heel counter worked well. There was a bit of extra material at the heel that looks like an external heel counter, but its made of rubber and is more of a decorative piece than a performance piece.

Much like Nike’s Kobe signature line — from the Kobe 1-11 — the ANTA KT signature line is consistent. You know what you’re going to get every time, despite the aesthetics changing quite a bit with each new model.

Traction and cushion are its two highlight features while stability and fit are close behind.

If you’re interested in trying out the ANTA KT5 then I do recommend them. They should be suitable for any player, any position and any style of play.

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