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and1 Tai Chi X Tochillin 20 Year Anniversary Edition Box Set – Available Now

I’ve been anticipating the and1 Tai Chi to release again in the States and its finally happened.

Unfortunately, they come in a pack with the and1 Tochillin, a slip-on off-court sneaker that came 20 year before the Roshe and used to be cool… not such a timeless design. The Tai Chi on the other hand is a straight classic and I’m glad I was able to grab a pair so I can play in them.

If you were interested then head over to and1USA.com while they last. Free shipping is available and a reduced price from $200 to now $150 for both pairs.

and1 Tai Chi X Tochillin 20 Year Anniversary Edition Box Set - Available Now 1

  1. Just bought another set on the and1usa.com……. I hope this one has better quality than the one I bought from Japan, that one’s craftsmanship sucks.

    To those who want to purchase these: you can use the coupon code FB20. It gives you a 20% discount so the price is actually $120

  2. This may sound strange but I only want the tochillin for casual wear because I am a lazy man….the originals were so easy to slip on and off

  3. Wow take me back! I had those And1 slip on joints. I didn’t remember the name, but I had them. And1 everything was at it’s highest back then. The open runs were entertaining. I even had the PS2 And1 game(I still have it).

  4. I never had the Tai Chi’s but I did have the AND1 Spree Mid and the AND1 Desire Mid. Decent budget shoes. That’s what I saw AND1 as. A budget brand. Crazy to see those selling for so much. The Tai Chi’s and the other two I mentioned were regularly around $50-60 at footlocker back in the day. That seemed like the only time my parents bought me multiple shoes. But I guess if you want to feel like Vince Carter (or Lance Stevensen for the youngin’s) it might be worth it for nostalgia sake.

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