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and1 Tai Chi Mid

The and1 Tai Chi Mid is making another comeback and is now available at overseas retailers.

These stay extremely close to the original model with the only changes that I can spot being the traction pattern and that was due for an upgrade as it is. Three colorways are currently available overseas and I don’t know if they’ll be making their way back to U.S. retailers in the future at this time.

Would you like to see and1 bring the Tai Chi Mid back or is this a 90’s classic that you’d rather leave in the past?

and1 Tai Chi Mid 1

and1 Tai Chi Mid 2

and1 Tai Chi Mid 3

and1 Tai Chi Mid 4

and1 Tai Chi Mid 5

and1 Tai Chi Mid 6

and1 Tai Chi Mid 7


    1. Dude, where did you see this?

      I’ve been trying to find me a pair for outdoor use for months now and most stores here in the south of MM don’t have them anymore. All I see that is interesting from them are the ones that Ellis wore last for them.

      Thanks in advance

  1. Yeah!!! These are so classic. I had a Georgetown colourway (blue and grey) way back when and they were so dope. I can’t wait to get my hands on these re-releases.

  2. I had some and1’s that were super comfortable, which is why I bought them. This has been quite a few years ago and I have no idea what model it was. Do they have a history of not being a good shoe?

  3. yo these were just available 3 years ago in Los angeles and all over I assume. Maybe they are selling overseas what did not sell here. I did want a pair of the Black and Blue ut couldn’t find a size at the discount price cause i was NOT gonna spend $100 on them. If any body has read my Jibberish out here they might know that My all time favorite shoe is / was / will be the Latrel Sprewell model, with the 1/4 zip upper. that was when my game was at an alltime high Red with the Gray “x” – cross at the toe box. By today’s standarsd these shoes are very basic but my Ninja Lance Stephanson from the Indi Pacers has been rockin these Tai-chi’s faithfullly and ballin’ so i think they can still be relevant.

    1. I remember those Sprees! Mine were white with the blue cross. I remember them being pretty comfy, and the zipper was super dope, but the traction was the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced.

      1. i was an outdoor Street ballerpalying on GRIT< one day i brought them, indoor cause there was freeplay action and I was useless – minez were KOJACK, straight Bald!! I still have them – waiting for that rerelease like a sucka.

  4. I want a pair for outdoor use, but cant find these anymore on the retailers that sold them.

    Hopefully they bring back the ones that J. Will used to ball in. I always wanted to try to hoop in those but I got the ones that Marbury used during that time.

    1. YO I had the OG Marbury’s with the AND1 dude embroidered on the ankle, they had Plush Leather exterior (i had the Black joints) but for some reason i rocked them on a casual note – i remember when thos dropped i was Kilin fools in some NO Name Adidas From JC Penny but JC carried heat at that time cause there was no team model or BS out. It was “flight’s”, Zoom J Kidds, Penny’s, J’s, dope Uptempo’s, And1’s, Reekok and some random Adidas and Yeah i rocked a White pair with Blue tanslucent bottom but they were “Bruce Almighty” you couldnt stop me if you tried. Like Ren And Stimpy – I’m screamin “Memories”

  5. and Oh Yeah – if anyone is interested in the Reebok Q96 – I only tried them on and they run at least 1/2 to a Full size to big and from what I can tell the DMX foam system is irrelevant – I couldn’t feel NADA! (spanish for nA ting!)

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