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An Official Look at Kawhi Leonard’s New Balance OMN1S PE

An official look at Kawhi Leonard’s New Balance OMN1S Player Exclusives he wore during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game.

New Balance Hoops gave fans a first official look at what would be on Kawhi Leonard’s feet during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game.

They’ve dubbed the sneaker the New Balance OMN1S PE which makes it a bit unclear as to what they are. Is this Kawhi’s signature shoe or is this a PE basketball shoe?

If this is just a PE, then maybe we’ll be seeing multiple basketball shoes come to market from New Balance while Kawhi receives PE’s of each model rather than an actual signature shoe. It’s purely speculation, but something to discuss.

The shoe itself looks pretty awesome: traction looks aggressive and capable of handling changes of direction well and FuelCell foam is used for the midsole — something I’m not familiar with so I have no idea what to expect. Materials look like a textile with a focus on fit and lockdown.

The New Balance OMN1S has been rumored to be releasing around the October time frame, but let us know your thoughts, now that we’ve seen the entire shoe. Will this be a hit on-court? Will sneaker consumers be willing to buy a New Balance basketball? Sound off below and let us know.

via @NBHoops

  1. I like the look of it, the retro-modern thing. Kinda reminds me of the converse rodmans but toned down. I like how, for lack of a better description, how “un-hip” the branding is. Good first impression from new balance.

  2. If they give us good materials/quality, decent cushion and affordable price 120-140 then i would definetely buy them. I am bored of getting ripped off by nike…The looks are good though…Showing something now that will be released on October might be too soon and they will lose sales. A 2-3 months timeline would be acceptable.

  3. They look like a performer. My first impression is that they look sleek and fast, with good lockdown. That’s purely speculation obviously.
    I was thinking the same thing about the October release. That’s a ways off. Maybe New Balance feels like they need to do some tweaking before they’re ready to release them, or they just want to wait for the start of next season?…

  4. The build itself hardly looks inspired, but seems like the priority for NB is to make sure he’s got something to play in. Looks like they’re trying to execute proven basics first. If this builds a reputation off performance, then great.

  5. I’m most impressed by the traction pattern! I think the silhouette looks nice overall and with a few alterations to the logo for Kawhi as well as the mid-foot strap being toned down a bit the end result could be a good looking sneaker. I’m a bit confused because it seems somewhat unfinished overall. when you look from one colourway to the next as to me it feels like it lacks cohesion across the board.

  6. “Is this Kawhi’s signature shoe or is this a PE basketball shoe?”….it is NOT Kawhi’s signature shoe, it’s a PE version of the NB hoop shoe. he will have a signature shoe coming out at some point.

  7. I’m sure they will play well, but they look terrible. If this is what they have to offer they have no chance. Incoherent design. Every element looks like it belongs on a different shoe

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