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Allbirds Sea Tee Review

Allbirds builds products out of natural, eco-friendly materials and emphasizes comfort. I recently reviewed Allbirds’ first running shoe, the Tree Dasher. And while it had some flaws, it was a super comfortable shoe. Alongside the shoes, I also received the new Allbirds Sea Tee.

And while our apparel reviews don’t get the interest and views our shoe reviews do, I’m always happy to review a new t-shirt. The t-shirt world has so many options that I find it helpful to point out whenever I find one what’s comfortable and well-fitting.

Does Allbirds’ focus on comfort translate well to a t-shirt? Keep reading to find out.

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Allbirds Sea Tee Pros


Comfort. Somehow, Allbirds managed to use crab shells (!) to make a super smooth material blend. Granted, only 5% of the material is from Chitosan. That’s the shelly stuff that’s also sometimes used as a dietary supplement. The softness comes from the TENCEL Lyocell (65% of the blend) which is basically a softer, lighter version of cotton. Allbirds favorite material, merino wool, comes in at 30% of the material blend. And the shirt’s trim includes 3% Spandex to help with stretch. All of that combines for a softer than cotton feel that’s great against skin.

Reinforced seams. The neck, shoulders, and side seams all have extra backing. This prevents unwanted stretching and improves durability. It’s a little thing that really makes the t-shirt feel premium.

Fit. The Sea Tee fits true to size. I’m typically a large and a large fit perfect. It’s a more classic fit that slims slightly towards the waist but accommodates most body types. The sleeves aren’t too short and it’s long enough for taller people. I’m 6’6″ and lifting my hands above my head doesn’t show off my belly. Tall folks know how rare that is in regular sized t-shirts.

Durability. I washed and dried the t-shirt a bunch and paid close attention to any potential neckline taco-ing, shrinking, or odd wrinkling. None of those issues appeared. The Sea Tee is built for the long haul.

Breathability. The Merino Wool makes this warm enough to be used as your t-shirt layer during fall/spring…but it’s still breathable enough for a hot summer day. I was able to test the t-shirt in 90 degree Florida temps. On those days, the TrinoXO fabric let in a nice breeze and I sweat less than in my favorite cotton/poly blend t-shirts. I honestly didn’t expect this little benefit given that merino wool usually keeps me warmer. All in all, this is a great summer t-shirt.

Allbirds Sea Tee Cons


Price. At $48 each, the Sea Tee isn’t cheap. Don’t get me wrong, you’re getting quality materials and workmanship for your money but…I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable spending that much for a t-shirt. However, there’s a good chance you get double the lifespan of a typical shirt from the Sea Tee. To me, that can justify the price. This is not your typical t-shirt purchase.

Allbirds Sea Tee Overall


The Allbirds Sea Tee is eco-friendly, comfortable, breathable, and fits well. Basically, everything you want in a t-shirt. The cost is a drawback, but my testing indicates the quality and durability over the long term will justify the price. You’ve just got to decide whether you’re willing to pay for quality t-shirts in the same way you pay more for quality materials on your shoes.

How to Buy the Allbirds Sea Tee

The Allbirds Sea Tee is available for for $48 in colors (3 classics and a bunch of limited editions) from the Allbirds website. Shop the Men’s version here and shop the Women’s version here.

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Thanks to Allbirds for sending a t-shirt to test. Allbirds was not given any editorial control of the review. This review is based on our weartesters’ experiences wearing and washing the t-shirt across a two month period.

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