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Best lululemon Men’s Clothing

It’s easy to see why some people consider lululemon bougie. lululemon clothing looks upscale and high-end. lululemon stores are closer to an Apple Store than other clothing brand stores. But from my (limited) previous experience, lululemon performs well. I’ve wanted to create a best lululemon page for a while.

So when lululemon offered to send some of its most popular men’s items for testing, I said yes almost immediately. I already knew a best lululemon apparel page would make it easier for our audience to shop at lululemon with confidence so it was a no-brainer.

When brands have higher price points (like Apple mentioned above), it’s hard to take a risk ordering something without a recommendation from a friend or trusted third party. If you’re here because WearTesters is your trusted third party, first, thanks for reading. And second, I hope this helps identify the best lululemon items for you.

Each of the individual products that appear on our best lululemon list was thoroughly tested by our team. Not all lululemon items we test make this list. We add more best lululemon apparel reviews to this list as we test new items we find worthy. lululemon also makes footwear and you can find our reviews of lululemon shoes here.

Keep scrolling to see the best lululemon men’s apparel.

Updated: 11.16.2023

Best lululemon Men’s Shorts

Best lululemon men's clothing: Pace Breaker Short

lululemon Pace Breaker Short

The lululemon Pace Breaker Short short was updated in early 2023. So, if you, like me, had the previous version of the Pace Breaker Short, you’ll find it slightly improved. The Pace Breaker Short comes in 5”, 7”, and 9” versions. There are also lined and linerless versions of each length.

The versions I tested were the 5” Lined and 7” Lined. I personally prefer the Lined version as the boxer brief style liners work well for me (though I dislike brief style liners in almost all forms). The liner on the Pace Breaker comes with a cell phone pocket on each leg so you can wear your cell phone on your preferred leg. As a very insightful detail, the liner has a small opening just underneath the drawstrings so you can tuck the tied/untied drawstrings between the liner and exterior. I’d never even thought of that possibility before but now it’s something I think all lined running shorts should adopt.

There’s a ton of color options for the Pace Breaker short. Colors can vary by length but I find the colors and look to be stylish and refined. The only weird thing about the design is the faux fly on the front. It’s not functional and unnecessary but does add a little more upscale style. Even though I don’t love it, I can overlook it because the shorts themselves are so good.

I find the Pace Breaker Short works well for weightlifting, functional fitness, running, and basketball. As a tall 6’6” guy I prefer the 7” for everything except running. Running is where the 5” excels. The soft mesh liner works like a basic compression short although it’s not super compressive. The Swift fabric used for the exterior has a very flexible four-way stretch. 

The only problem with the exterior layer is that it can occasionally hike up if your legs rub together when you run. You may find yourself pulling down the short from the crotch area from time to time. There’s a zipper pocket on the right that’s perfect for storing keys. The regular side pockets fit a large phone nicely. All that comes together to make the Pace Breaker the perfect short for running errands before you work out. That’s actually one of my preferred uses for these shorts.

The Pace Breaker short is extremely durable. I’ve had my original pair for years now and it still looks almost new other than the color fading a bit from going through the wash so many times. My new pairs look pristine.

The Lululemon Pace Breaker Short is expensive at $78 for the Lined version or $68 for the Linerless version but it’s soft, stretchy, durable, versatile, and has a good amount of pockets. It’s a high-quality, durable short that’s great for casual wear and ready to perform no matter what sport you play. And in my mind that makes it well worth the price.

Buy Pace Breaker Short at lululemon

Best lululemon Men’s Shirts

Best lululemon men's clothing: Metal Vent Tech Sleevless

lululemon Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless

The Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless isn’t as soft as the previous version, but it’s more breathable. It’s got unobtrusive air holes on the chest, shoulders, back, and sides. It handles hot and sweaty summer workouts well. That said, it can be a little heavy when soaked. However, that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make because the material is so comfortable. Runners’ nipples aren’t likely to chafe in this shirt.

It’s not even particularly targeted at runners as it’s a versatile shirt with full shoulder coverage. If you need more coverage it’s also available in short sleeve and long sleeve versions. The Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless Tee works well for basketball, weightlifting, flag football, pickleball, and more. Whatever sport you play, it’ll be able to handle it.

Like all soft fabrics, you’ll have to be careful not to expose it to rubbing against rough materials that cause piling. In my experience, I didn’t have any issues. But, beware of cat claws, sharp-edged seat belts, and wearing sandpapery backpacks. This seems to be one of the main complaints in the reviews on Lululemon’s website.

As with most Lululemon apparel, the Metal Vent Tech series isn’t cheap. The sleeveless version is $68, the short-sleeve version is $78, and the long-sleeve version is $88. Luckily, durability is solid. The Metal Vent Tech shirts will last you a long time. We do recommend you put them on a drying rack after washing them to extend their lifespan. The dryer can be hellish on the soft nylon/polyester blend.

Overall, the Lululemon Metal Vent Tech series is a great option for most sports and one of our favorite upscale athletic shirt options.

Buy Metal Vent Tech at lululemon
Best lululemon men's clothing: License to Train Tank

lululemon License to Train Tank

The polyester, nylon, and Lycra elastane build of the lululemon License to Train Tank is a comfortably soft and stretchy blend. It’s a mesh construction that’s breathable with a modern slim fit. Like the Metal Vent Tech series, the License to Train tank can get heavy when it’s wet with sweat, but the comfort trade-off is worth it. It feels high-end and soft all over. It also comes with an unobtrusive hanging loop that makes it easier to store in a locker after a workout or to hang to dry in a hotel bathroom.

It’s got a nice long length that will work well for taller athletes even though the bottom is scalloped. Most tall athletes avoid shaped bottoms as that’s a recipe to show off some midriff. The concept works here even though we’d prefer it be a straight bottom. The long length does have its drawbacks for some people. If you’re 5’5” to 5’8” you may find the License to Train tank fits too long as the reviews on Lululemon’s site are littered with this complaint.

The License to Train name would indicate this tank is meant only for working out, weightlifting, and functional fitness but I found it worked great for running, basketball, and pickleball. It’s versatile and usable across multiple athletic pursuits. 

Many items on the lululemon website are given the License to Train moniker, but as far as I can tell, the only other piece of apparel built exactly like this tank is a short-sleeved version. So that gives those who prefer sleeves another option with the same build quality.

The tank version is $68 and the short sleeve version is $78, typical pricing for lululemon, but expensive when you look at the total marketplace. That said, we’ve been impressed with the durability, so you get what you pay for and are getting a tank top that will go the distance not matter your sport of choice.

Buy License to Train Tank at lululemon

Best lululemon Men’s Joggers

lululemon ABC Jogger

lululemon ABC Jogger

The lululemon ABC Jogger is possibly the perfect casual Jogger. Sizing-wise it comes in regular, tall, short, and skinny so you’ve got options. For taller readers, the tall version in Large was actually long enough for my 6’6″ frame with a bit of length to spare. The accurate fit sets the stage for its versatility.

The polyester and elastomultiester build is stretchy, though less stretchy than the lululemon shorts above. The tapered fit is perfect for casual wear and I found myself easily subbing my Iron Blue pair for jeans in many different social situations. The material does a fair job of repelling water (though that’s not listed as a feature) and dries quickly. I found its wet weather performance better than jeans.

Comfort-wise the stretch and materials both feel good and move well with your legs. The ABC Jogger is wrinkle-resistant and doesn’t show annoying wrinkles even after being left on the floor for a few days. They also keep the cold out fairly well for a not-that-thick polyester build which was a benefit I didn’t expect. Could the color options be better? Yes. But I see what lululemon is doing keeping them fairly neutral or earthy.

And detail-wise, lululemon nailed it. While I don’t love the external pocket look, the front pockets are deep and easily fit an iPhone Pro Max. Lugging a phone around is much more comfy than in modern, form-fitting jeans. The waistband drawcord can be worn on the outside or the inside. I quickly moved to the inside which improved the casual versatility of the ABC Jogger. I’d recommend you do the same if you’re using them to replace jeans or khakis. The ABC Jogger also has a right rear wallet pocket with a zipper. It’s plenty big but also easily forgettable if you don’t carry your wallet back there.

As for price, the $128 feels expensive till you find out that’s the current price of good athletic-fit jeans. Do I love that great pants now cost upwards of $120? No, I don’t. At least with the lululemon ABC Jogger, you get what may be the best jogger for casual wear and one of the best lululemon products for men.

Buy ABC Jogger at lululemon
lululemon License to Train Jogger

lululemon License to Train Jogger

The lululemon License to Train Jogger isn’t as good overall as the ABC Jogger, but provides a better option if you want a jogger that works as well in the gym as it does for grabbing coffee beforehand.

The recycled polyester and elastane build is plenty stretchy and feels almost as light as lululemon’s running shorts. You can easily do lunges, squats, and various other exercises in the License to Train Jogger. It’s built roomier than the ABC Jogger. Still tapered but there’s just a little more room all around and plenty of room for big thighs. The air holes behind the knee are helpful when you use them in the gym but there’s not enough breathability to consider running in them.

The durability is very good. During the month-long testing period, I didn’t get any piling, ripping, or fraying despite hard use and travel. I found lululemon’s abrasion-resistant claims to be accurate. The material is marketed as water-resistant which I also found to be true. A quick run from point A to point B in the rain won’t soak you to the bone. And, the light materials hold heat surprisingly well on cold mornings. I wouldn’t stay outside a long time in them, but they’ll keep you warm on a morning walk to the train.

The License to Train Jogger comes in regular, tall, short, and cargo versions. The bottom cuffs are a little too aggressive and sometimes create some weird bunching around the ankles. I solved it by using my foot to push down the cuffs as they crept up on occasion. But I understand if that’s a dealbreaker for you with joggers.

On the detail side, you get big, roomy front pockets. The pockets are the visible external pocket design which I don’t love, but at least they fit all my stuff. Just like the ABC Jogger, the drawstring can be worn internally or externally so you can choose the look you prefer.

The price of $128 matches the ABC Jogger price but feels about $10 too expensive. I’d like to see some distance between the License to Train line and the ABC line given the upscaled look and materials. That said, the License to Train jogger is extremely durable and versatile so you’ll get a comfortable long-lasting jogger that works well inside and outside the gym. You’ll get solid value for your money.

Buy License to Train Jogger at lululemon

Are you a lululemon clothing fan that doesn’t see your favorite item on the list? Comment down below or DM us on Instagram to tell us about your favorite lululemon product. If we like your suggestion, we’ll test it and you may see it appear on this list.

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