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Air Jordan XXX1 (31) | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan XXX1 is almost upon us, and it might be the first time in Air Jordan history that two flagship models released within the same year.

After the debacle that was the Air Jordan XXX, the XXX1 comes out pretty strong, offering everything you enjoyed in the XX9 while upgrading the cushion. Finally, at long last, we have heel and forefoot cushion in the Air Jordan. Not only that, it’s implemented in full length fashion as well. Which is even better.

Check out our detailed look and review below and be sure to let us know what you think about the Air Jordan 31 in the comment section.

  1. They are warming up to me. Doesn’t look that bad from your videos. It has every tech to be a beast, so I’m hoping you like them in your review.

  2. “Glad I caught that.” LOL — Awesome first review, Chris. I’m personally diggin’ them. — How’s the arch support / torsional rigidity upon try on?

  3. Chris you the man. Glad you aren’t holding a grudge for what they did to you. Glad to see you are honest about it being a good shoe even though I know you probably want nothing to do with it or jordan brand. Just another reason you are the best

  4. Good review NW. I guess these will be performance beast. At first it look a little bland but, now look is growing on me.

    1. Amazing looking if they made the toe look like the aj1 but probably not as good for performance..although being Jordan brand they should be able to pull something like that off and their customers deserve that kind of innovation!

      1. Just watched the review after I commented and yeah they should of done a toe box like the MTM woven into the flyknit, that would’ve been sick. The Jumpman is too bright in color to the front red IMO and I agree again with Nightwing where the wings would’ve looked better than putting the Jumpman there. Although I understand they wanted it to show the swoosh fading into the Jumpman to symbolize the evolution of the air Jordan.

  5. Excited about the combination of tech in these. Look like a performance beast. People wouldn’t be hating on them so much if they didn’t have a weak back story to throw stones at. To me the aesthetics are fine for a hoop shoe. At the end of the day these are basketball shoes and I will play like hell in them if they perform.

    1. Also interested how these compare to the HD16 elites. They are similar shoes that use different stwists on how some of the tech is implemented.

  6. Curious on the inside of the shoe (eg is there an arch built in or if it’s flat as it looks on the outside).

    Also wondering if there is any reinforced support to prevent the forefoot from sliding off to the lateral side.

    Otherwise I think the shoe looks nice.

  7. I dig how they look except for the Jumpman logo. I read someplace that some colorways won’t have both the Jumpman and Swoosh logos, and I’ll wait for those. As for performance, they have everything to be good performers.

  8. they look great, i like that simply design look , minimalism is what this shoe make very nice , jumpman is unnecessarily added … although all this retroing idea isn’t bad , but for shoes to be some new line… not standard jordan line , this is definitely not jordan 31 that i expected to be… lack of innovation, lack of ideas… just marketing and taking money from consumers… tech vise KD9 one level up because of the more zoom …

  9. Doesn’t the Jordan 1 Mid technically have all 3 of the logos on it too? Or did they mean it was the first out of the actual signature line to feature all 3

  10. I worked in research and development for NIKE Basketball and Jordan Brand footwear. The surface of the clear TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) used for the outsole is less porous and slicker than solid or gum rubber. It collects dirt and dust very easily. We had the same traction issues when testing the AJ XVI.

    I haven’t played on unlocked Zoom Air yet – I prefer a Double-Stacked Zoom Air heel and a regular Zoom Air forefoot.

    I really enjoyed your writing; keep up the good work.

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