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Air Jordan XX8 SE ‘Squadron Green’

New – simple – colroways for the Air Jordan XX8 SE hit retailers beginning February 1st and their latest Squardon Green will make its debut in March.

Black, Volt and Squadron Green are applied throughout and even though its a brighter colorway… it still doesn’t seem to overpower the way the camo designs did. Maybe this is just the right amount of flash for some without going over the top.

Check out the images below and be sure to let me know what you think in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 SE 'Squadron Green' 1

Air Jordan XX8 SE 'Squadron Green' 2

Air Jordan XX8 SE 'Squadron Green' 3

Air Jordan XX8 SE 'Squadron Green' 4

Via SC

    1. Same here bro. Seems like every comment section or forum on this site or another regarding the zoom unit has a ridiculous amount of complaints about the zoom unit popping. I mean I’ve heard people say they had it for 20 min on an indoor court and it popped

      1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting almost 6 months to get a pair of these, they were number 1 on my list, but now, after all that, I don’t know if I want a pair because of all the comments about the Zoom Air bags popping.

        The other main issue is – I’m overseas in Australia and it would cost over $50 to ship them back to get a replacement pair. The Zoom Air bag issues are a huge downer.

    2. Yep. Ever since the original xx8 came out I’ve been waiting for a shroudless version and holding off. The Nike Outlets that I’ve been to have all had the Red/Black original (Oak hill I think) on sale for 160 or even 150 but I didn’t want to spend that for something I didn’t want. It really is disappointing that so many have had this issue on what I would consider a costly shoe…not the most expensive of course but for 150, I expect some longevity.

  1. This is colorway wraps up the initial solid colorways from catalog images.
    I don’t blame it anyone about the Zoom Popping problems with the shoe.
    I wore my pair once and fortunate no issues arose.
    I wouldn’t mind copping a second pair in this colorway and maybe a good chance to do so with next Air Jordan pushed back.
    Squadron Green gives the black a good contrast.

  2. My pair of jordan xx8 SE zoom air didnt popped but my left front zoom air is losing air overtime
    and it becomes more air on the right foot and less air on the left foot lol

  3. I’ve been fortunate that my zoom bag hasn’t popped in my Westbrook Camo SE’s… yet. I’ve rocked them a bunch, and played hard in them too. I always get a little nervous it’s going to happen though.

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