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Air Jordan Remastered Series – Spring 2015 Lineup

If you were curious as to what will happen once Spring 2015 hits then take a look below to see what fans of the Jordan Brand have in store.

Tons of models will be remastered, while others won’t. However, every Retro from Spring 2015 will be remastered once their new mold is complete. That means better quality… it also means higher pricing. Take a look below to see a preview on what to expect and be sure to follow Kustoo on Twitter and Instagram if you want to be kept in the loop.

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 1

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 2

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 3

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 4

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 5

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 6

Air Jordan Remastered Series - Spring 2015 Lineup 7

Via Kustoo

  1. Don’t everybody knee jerk

    The LifeStyle color ways shown here are really nice

    wish there was a close up of those sevens if that leather is right they jusity the price

    I love 10s but the 45 has to go

    Flame Suit On

  2. i want another pair or 2 of the 20 and the 23, hopefully they “retro” them or whatever you would want to call them someday

  3. So they’ve been overcharging for the crap they’ve been putting out for years but they need to increase the price to make the improvements? I thought they claimed Jordan’s where a “Premium” product already and that’s why the prices have been so high. I knew that was BS but it’s still annoying that they can keep a straight face when they spew this crap from their mouths. Jordan II Retro: $150. Air Force One’s with comparable tech and possibly better quality: $90. They really like their profit margins. I believe in paying for quality but I think I’m going to stick with Li Ning Way Of Wade’s.

    I guess I will give some kudos for them admitting they’ve been selling crap.

    1. And that is why I stopped collecting Jordan’s in 2005. When they came out with the military iv In 2006 I knew quality was gone for good .

  4. This is bittersweet for me, because while I love quality upgrades, I would never be able to get them due to high demand and prices that are astronomical. I’ve never gotten a pair of retro jordans to this day because I already thought that the prices were too dang high, and the few times when I’ve tried to cop a pair, I have never gotten lucky. Now with higher prices, I’m just going to stop trying. I’m perfectly content with collecting Kobes while everyone else jumps on the new remastered J’s.

  5. sorry but this whole remastered thing just bugs me…they are basically admitting retros weren’t up to Jordan’s “high standards” but they had no problem charging us high standard prices.

    Buying Jordans is a nostalgia thing for me, I love being able to buy shoes I couldn’t have as a kid and will continue to, but they would have been better served to keep their mouths shut and deliver better quality at the same price point. The grassroots goodwill they would have generated would have been more beneficial than slapping us on one cheek and kissing the other.

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