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Air Jordan ‘Poster’ Collection

The Air Jordan ‘Poster Collection’ looks to bring two iconic Air Jordan posters to life in the form of sneakers. Yeah, I should have thought that one through a bit more before writing it. Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 1


Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 14Inspired by two iconic images of Jordan, the “Poster” Collection features the Air Jordan II and Air Jordan XII.

The Air Jordan II “Wing It” pays tribute to the brand’s ad campaign that coincided with the shoe’s original release in 1986. White, black and dark gray, the AJ II “Wing It” includes wings on the shoe’s heels that capture the spirit of Jordan’s effortless game above the rim.

Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 2 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 3 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 4 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 5 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 6

In celebration of the shoe’s 20th anniversary, this Air Jordan XII pulls inspiration from the iconic  “The Master” poster. A black base grounds the shoe, while hints of white and gold play off the poster’s radiant lines. Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 13 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 7 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 8 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 9 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 10 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 11 Air Jordan 'Poster Collection' 12There are no official release dates set at this time, but they are expected for 2016. According to Jordan Brand, both models have been completely remastered as well. The shapes do look better, as do the little details, but we’ll have to wait and see what they look like in-hand before passing judgment.

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  1. These are so nice copping multiple why has jb quality not always been like this expect a price hike just because it’s 2016 in 2026 they will be 300 dollars for no reason

  2. Yes! Thabk you nike i finally have a chance to experience the 12’s zoom! Hopefully they release more 12’s and 14’s…

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