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Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Pantone’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 7 Pantone series debuted in 2010. Is it too little too late for the shoe to succeed at retail?

While I still enjoy the Pantone series, a lot of the newer generation that seem to be “into” sneakers likely couldn’t care less about this release. Maybe if it were an Air Jordan 3 or 4, but even those haven’t sold well — even in rare PE edition releases such as the Motorsports and those including the Nike Air branding. With Yeezy and Boost sneakers being all the rage, the Air Jordan 7 ‘Pantone’ will likely be overlooked. However, if you end up grabbing a pair then our detailed look and review of the shoe should help you know what you’re about to receive.

Let us know if you plan on grabbing a pair tomorrow for $190 or if you’ll let these sit a while until they’re found at the Factory Store for an additional 20% off.

  1. I wouldn’t take it seriously when someone calls you out on fakes. Classy when you acknowledge those people anyway, but it’s a pretty thoughtless insinuation on their part. I remember people doing this back during your AJ 11 review during the AJ project.

    If someone can’t make sense of the reputable storefronts and manufacturers sending out legitimate pairs to reviewers for the sake of exposure, then they’re pretty stupid. If it’s not that, I don’t know how it’s so hard to believe a grown adult can afford ~$200 shoes. For a not-so-hyped pair like this, with this quality, it probably takes more effort to grab a fake pair.

    Anyway, the Pantone colorway has grown on me. I personally would’ve looked for a bit more white to help distinguish more details.

    1. the pantones has always been a favorite colorway of mine. for some reason I opted to get the Jordan V’s non-pantone rather than this Jordan 7 pantone pair. also, would love to have the Jordan 12 Pantones and Jordan 9 Pantones. now those are sick and hope to get those one day.

      in reference to hollers (people that love to call out), they seem to be more evident on Jordan 11 pairs for some reason probably because they are the most sought after Jordans and rarely released in mass-production. my suspicion with these hollers is they have their own agenda like one of those crazy people that think they have the only pair of Jordan 11s and bought those shoes with an arm and a leg, collectors, resellers and people that are vain, or poachers.

      I have been a victim of these hollers myself and they are like a pack of wolves and even be a part of a community of shoe collectors (LMFAO). so you are right that they should not be taken seriously but does give a bad name to us true shoe aficionados.

  2. Regarding the perforations, same with the Bordeaux which I have. Didn’t know it could be (as clean) like the Hare’s as I saw in your video

  3. 20 percent off? How about 33 percent off AND no sales tax. And I think I overpaid a bit at that price cause I think we’ll see them down to $110ish eventually

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