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Air Jordan 6 ‘Venom Green’ – First Look

A new colorway has surfaced of the Jordan 6, adding to the extensive list of 6s slated to release in 2014. The upper consists of a combination of black tumbled leather, smooth leather and what appears to be distressed suede. Touches of venom green can be seen on the Jumpman logos and lace locks, although the color looks somewhat yellow in the images. A mint-like green makes up parts of the midsole. That same green appears as speckles, mixed with venom green speckles that both contrast the black portions of the midsole.

Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for more information on the color-blocking, as well as an official release date.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these 6s. Feel free to speculate what this colorway is inspired by, and any potential nicknames.

Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 1 Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 2 Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 3 Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 4 Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 5 Air Jordan 6 'Venom Green' - First Look 6

Images via sneakergaga

  1. These are a complete joke. Not everything has to be highlighter colors JB! But I guess these are for the kiddos.

  2. Here we go with nice materials on butt ass colour ways again. Meanwhile the white infrareds and sport blues look like cardboard because they will sell. I pray to jesus this hobby hurries up and craps out like the sports card thing did. I remember the days when people who didn’t play basketball felt like posers if they wore some J’s. Now posers are applauded on instagram and I’m just an old hater. Imagine you loved the rolling stones and every year they put out the same album but forgot how to play it more and more as each year went by. Then at the same time they became more popular than ever and you couldn’t get one of their albums without lining up, despite it being inferior in everyday to the original. Now i can’t get quality because idiots will buy anything hyped

  3. very weird and badly matched CW. cant stand it when the accent colors arent balanced throughout the shoe. if you look at the sole and upper separately you think you’re looking at two different shoes. who does JB pay to come up w/ such a miserable CW? I want that job. I’ll at least make an effort. they are just mailing it in

  4. i love everyone is hating on the cw when I really like this colorway. It looks great and looks like a green glow, not really a venom green. Seems to go with the rest of the green glow line like how JB did with the gammas, except the gammas were ugly AF.

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