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Air Jordan 6 Rings Black/ Red 2013 – Detailed Look & Review

The Air Jordan 6 Rings in the original Black/ Red colorway are set to re-release at the end of the month and if you were thinking about grabbing a pair then maybe this detailed look & review will help you know what to expect.

I’ll be using these on-court, a performance review will follow, so be on the lookout for that in the future. If you wanted to grab these now then you can over at SneakerCrew.com.

  1. Nightwing These are hardcore kicks I was talking to my friend about these and he said the sole looks like a dinosaur foot

  2. why the hell havent we seen a tease of next years model yet? AmI wrong? Dont we at least get a sneak peek or something right about this time? Didnt they give us a tease last year for the hideous XX8 in november? Ad for the 2012 wasnt there a “leak” in the winter time for those? I may be wrong…

  3. I ws wrong…we got our first look at the 2012 in june 2011…should definitly have seen something about t he next flagship model by now…something must be brewing in oregon…

  4. and on a side note…ever notice howmost samples or wear tests are way better than what they put out? Look at the 21 sample and tell me it aint better?

  5. I actually like hooping in these vs the 13. Maybe because it has a better SNUG fit and the heel lock down from the AJ 8. I do hope the quality is still the same as when they were originally released. Looking forward for your performance review.

      1. Thanks mang! I know you get asked all the time if and when are you gonna do a performance review on a particular sneaker. So with that said, how about replacing your top 10 score list with a top 10 list of sneakers you’re gonna review. 1 being the high priority.
        Just a thought to help a brotha out.
        As always your work is greatly appreciated!

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