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Air Jordan 5 (5) Retro ‘Oreo’ – Detailed Look & Review

If you’ve been debating on whether or not you’ll be picking up the upcoming Air Jordan 5 Retro in the Oreo colorway then maybe this detailed look & review can help you out a little. Definitely a clean colorway, my opinion of course, and if you wanted to grab these now without waiting then you can do so at Sneaker Crew.

    1. I genuinely like these and so do many others. We need to learn to stop treating people unfairly. If you dont like them for one reason or another then thats perfectly fine but just because someone likes these or any other shoe, that does not make them a hypebeast.

  1. Nightwing do you know about ultra protector it protects your kicks with nubuck I tried it out on my new cp3.vii laney and it works great IMO(in my opinion) it gave my laney a rubbery feel

  2. What do you wear when it’s raining? I’m always struggling with my choice of what to wear when raining.

  3. Got a question for all you guys that have a lot of shoes – How do you store the ones you’re not wearing and how do you store the ones you do wear on a regular basis? Do you have shelves like Nightwing does in the background of this video, or do you store them somewhere else in a different way?

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