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Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Taxi’ – Official Look

Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Taxi' - Official Look 1

The Taxi Air Jordan 12 Retro is coming back next weekend and here is their official look provided by Nike which includes a look at the upcoming apparel collection as well.

Retail will be $170 and they should be available at all Jordan Brand retailers. Will you be grabbing a pair and if so; on-court or off?

Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Taxi' - Official Look 2

Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Taxi' - Official Look 3

  1. Nightwing I have a question is there are cw where the colors were swithed the upper leather black and the piece of leather on the lateral side and midsole/outsole white

      1. Dude no offense, but why don’t you try to google where you can get them instead of asking Nightwing? A few online retailers might have them, but I highly doubt that they’re anywhere in stores, since they released in spring 2012.

  2. Nightwing, do all the 12s have full length zoom air?
    saw these real pink 12s in my area, and wondering if I would ball in ’em only if they had full length zoom

    1. No offense but people like you are the reason people like me who have been waiting for these to hoop in or actually wear can’t get them… Have fun buying them for retail, puttin them on Craigslist and maybe making 10(!!) dollars.

    2. I hope you die and burn in hell for reselling. People like you the reason the shoe game fucked up now. High demand, low ass quality. All so you can make 80 bucks

    3. man comon, putting tht comment here will only get u hate. Nobody likes a reseller. Either ur just that dumb, or your just being a troll

      1. I hoop in modern shoes like hyperdunks and you make bank relselling is saw this kid in 7th grade at a sneaker convection that makes 3 thousand every weekend… eventually i got started to. Sorry but I prefer to ball in modern shoes than retros anyways.. btw I made about 400 selling ththe what the kobes..

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