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Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Nylon’

Jordan Brand and Nike have been known to play around with different materials on shoes. Yet, we didn’t think it would be done directly on a retro line, let alone one of the most comfortable shoes to ball in. That particular model would be the Air Jordan 12.

With the past releases utilizing the “remastered” tumbled leather upper, the Jumpman decided to switch it up a bit and utilize a nylon upper. We’re curious to see if it affects how it feels on foot or how you lock your foot down in the shoe. Most importantly, we wonder how the materials hold up while actually playing in the shoe (wait, you mean people actually wear retros to play ball in rather than stunt on the ‘Gram?!?!).13285464_694047460749609_1031756287_n

As far as we can see, the shoe does look similar to the collaboration pair made by PSNY, but in particular the friends and family pair. If the lettering on the tongue was white, then it would have been close. We’ve seen this particular colorway before? Where you ask? Date it back when one of the original Brand Jordan members, Michael Finley, played for the San Antonio Spurs. Jordan Brand used to make specific colorways matching team uniforms for specific players. Finley’s model has a particular signature stitching on the side of the shoe, but let’s not get run off course.

The tooling is the same with full-length Zoom Air cushioning and same rubber outsole utilized on previous Air Jordan 12s. This particular pair is not officially confirmed to release nor is there a date or price set. We wouldn’t be surprised if this nylon 12 shows up on a release calendar later on in the year, but we’ll wait and see. Let us know what you think in the comment section.







  1. I hate the white bottom. It’s going to get dirty and stained stupid fast. I am interested in seeing how these sell though. I doubt 12s will ever sit on shelves.

  2. Still waiting for developments on the Blue Suede model…they still scheduled for release this year?

    1. Jordan retros are meant for stuntin and reselling not for balling…what’s wrong with you bro?? Lol I’m just kidding. Jordan 12 are cool and will always be a memorabilia to me as they were the first Jordans, OG “Taxis”, I’ve owned in which I paid $20 via stolen from a rich Indian kid’s locker ($200 sneaker but doesn’t buy a $2 lock..WTF). The 12s were also the first shoe I rolled my ankle in while balling. So they will always have a place in my heart. I did see James Johnson play in the 12 “Masters” during the season but other than JJ, I did not see anyone else wearing Jordan retros on my Raptors team. Im sure PJ Tucker plays in Jordan Retros but I haven’t watched a Sun’s game since Sir Nash.

  3. I don’t think these should be balled in. That’s just asking to make a claim on Nike’s website lol.

  4. These could be beasts on court. I’m guessing they will be much lighter and more flexible while still retaining some support from that leather panel on the lateral side. Would not be surprised to see some NBA players rocking these next season.

  5. If the original 12 had any problems, they’d probably be being heavy and having some lockdown issues due to the stiffness of the leather

    This material change could potentially fix both and make an even better hoop shoe.

    1. It’s a two way street because the leather was arguably the aesthetic highlight of the 12.

      My big dislike for the shoe is that the colors are getting redundant with the Wings and Master pairs.

  6. although I like this shoe, I was hoping for an all-white version or atleast a white nylon upper.

  7. Hear me out boys… but what if Jordan “Remasters” the Retro with modern tech like FlyKnit, Flywire, Lunarlon, Zoom Air, etc. I would love to be bouncing around in the 4s LOL. Wouldn’t that be crazy nuts?? Hehe but that’s just me as I like crazy things.

    1. They tried that with the .0 series, and I asked them years ago why they dont update the actual shoe with modern tech, replacing PU midsoles with Phylon etc, and their very short answer was simply a “no”.

  8. Yo guys, am I the only one here who wouldn’t be surprised if these were dubbed “72-10” for the 12’s? I mean same Color scheme as the 11’s and they also switched up the materials here like what they did with the first 72-10 shoe. So, is anyone with me? If these will be called Nylons tho, I wouldn’t be surprised aswell, cos visually, thats the only diffrence in materials unlike the 11’s. So, anyone with me here?

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