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Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Space Jam’ | Detailed Look and Review

It’s almost that time of year, once again. That time where giving isn’t the #1 priority, but instead standing in line and doing everything you can to cop those not-so-limited 11’s for yourself with that Christmas bonus.

All jokes aside, this year sees the return of the Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Space Jam’. Well, sort of. It’s actually a PE MJ wore during the Playoffs against the Orlando Magic. However, the packaging of the sneaker says otherwise. Retail price is currently listed at $220 which means there wasn’t an increase in price from last year’s 72-10 edition of the shoe.

If you wanted a detailed look and review of the sneaker then check out the video below. They’re the closest thing to the OG we’ve had since the OG in ’95… peaks and all.

Will you be grabbing a pair this December? Let us know below in the comment section and be sure to stay tuned to WearTesters for updates regarding the release.

  1. Magnificent review (as always) with the question on point! How should we call/conceive the Jordan Brand xmas goody of 2016:  Air Jordan 11 “Retro Space Jam” or “Playoffs”? As Nightwing2303 pointed out, with the ’45’ stitching on the back, the storry telling is pretty much in favour of the playoff narrative. I guess the reselling sh#t doesn’t mind at all and we will just see the Space Jam label all over the place. Great to sharpen the focus and redirect the discussion on what’s it all about: the love for the (history of the) game and its iconic memorabilia – especially with this almost og retro.

  2. Hey Nightwing2303, I didn’t hear you mention about the cushioning/comfort. Are they better like the 2000/2001 retroes comfort wise?

  3. Nightwing, are those retros playable ? I mean…I had the XIs 20 year ago or so and I remember they were GREAT, probably the shoe I most remember liking. I don’t live where I can try ’em so buying one would be a huge shot in the dark.

  4. Do they feel the same as the retros or are they more comfortable? I had them as a senior in high school as well and those were a lot more comfortable than the retros.

  5. Hope nobody else had the same terrible customer experience I had with these.

    Managed to beat the online traffic and secure a pair on Saturday direct from Nike.com. Arrived today – a scratch down the tongue right in the material. The left shoe was also tied loosely and squint, different to any other Jordans I’ve received.

    Contacted Nike customer service. Was told Nike don’t accept complaints, only feedback (?!!)

    Only offer is a return, maybe a 10% off code for next order (like there’ll be another order). They took my chance to own these shoes, I can still buy online off a reseller but at about a 50% markup. They were meant to call me back today before their HO closed, and didn’t. They obviously don’t quality check their products, and the clearly really don’t care…

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