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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low ‘Concord’ – Detailed Look & Review

Here is a quick, detailed look and review on the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Retro Low in the Concord colorway.

These will be available on May 3rd in all sizes for $150 (men’s), not sure about kids pricing but I’m sure Sole Collector has that pricing information available.

If you wanted to grab them now then you can over at Sneaker Crew, otherwise, good luck on release day!

  1. I was just asking on the other post if they were true to size, thanks for this detailed review NW. I’ll be at HoH early this Saturday morning to take a shot at a 12.

    **NW do you think we could get that recent comments ticker like on the old site? I know the email option is there, but the ticker was/is less hassle.

      1. Well it worked for me when to go back to old topics instead of looking up old ones to see if there are updates. I tried the email notifications, but it would stay updated as I clicked.

        The sidebar helps revisit old thoughts with the new no matter how deeply buried the post was because it’s now recently trending.

  2. NW did it! Much appreciated for reinstating the Recent Comments Sidebar sir, I feel more involved like I used to.

  3. I got a pair! Man I’ve never seen for my own eyes how many people camp for J’s until today. Either I got them easy in the past when I saw them on shelf or I missed out altogether. There had to been over 200 people in that line and I waited 3 hours to get my pair (6am-9am, opened at 8am).

    What is the longest that you’ve waited for some J’s? I know that XI releases have to be the worse

    **I ended up copping those Kobe XI low EM too**

      1. Wow that is mad dedication! These are my first 11s since my original from back in the ’96(I got my breds spring ’96). Now I’m kicking myself for not putting in the legwork for the other releases that I wanted. I may have to revisit the connect option or plan better for line camping. I’m too stubborn to mess with resellers on the double up and more.

  4. I’m gonna need to try the raffle next time. Online retail shopping just doesn’t work these days. I tried Nike.com = FAILED even with the CAPTCHA. I tried footlocker.com = FAILED with the normal errors. I tried Finishline.com = Couldn’t even fail because the site didn’t work for 4+ hours. Eastbay.com = FAILED with the normal errors. I tried a couple brick and mortar stores as well and ultimately failed after a glimmer of hope at Sheik Shoes (A guy 3 guys ahead of me got the last pair). Its so frustrating to have to work so damn hard to give someone my money. I wish I just liked Adidas or even better Payless shoes. Another XI release. Another sad and tired Me.

    1. I prefer the odds of the raffle so that I’m not waiting hours and wasting my time. I was told that raffles are only held for low quantity releases. That being said, Footlocker: House of Hoops had a line 3 times as long as Champs at my city’s marquee mall today.

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