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Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ 2018 Review

A special Player Exclusive edition of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ is gearing up to launch on December 8 for $220.

While spending $220 on a pair of shoes is never easy, the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ is one that will have most wanting to pull out their wallets.

What differentiates the 2018 version from years past is the fact that these are based off the original PE that MJ debuted on-court during game 1 of the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals against the Orlando Magic. Sporting the number ’45’ on the heel, the shape and material cut are closer to the original shoe than we’ve seen since ’95.

If you were curious about the upcoming release then we hope our review of the shoe helps you out. The shoe will be available in all sizes from infant to Men’s and will be available at all Jordan Brand retailers.

    1. I hope they do not listen to people who even suggest this, as they have a hard enough time making these shoes worthwhile to begin with. Years ago when Zoom Air was first implemented in Nike shoes, there was in interview on ESPN back in ’96 with one of the designers from Jordan Brand. I think that his name is David Bond, and he stated that while they liked zoom air, they felt that it could be overused as cushioning “tech”. Full length zoom is overrated, as is calling it some sort of “protro”, making already good shoes even better. Leave the classics alone IMO, just use high quality materials…and before anyone brings him and his shoes up, fuck Kobe.

      1. seriously? it sounded like contradictory. Leave the classics but use high quality materials? so what’s high quality materials? anyway, Jordan and Nike pretty much have done that already with the colorways, materials and mash-ups they did with the shoe, so can I ask what difference would it make if they change another part of the cushion setup? besides, after the original OG was released, the Jordan 11 in reality wasn’t even the same anymore. PU midsole replaced with Phylon, Air unit is less comfy and could have been modified in terms of density and type of air and plastic, and the insole are pretty much thin and standard and not the typical past PU insoles.

        I don’t mind classics as long as they stay true to the OG 95/96 materials, but if they are giving us the typical evolved Jordan 11, might as well do some upgrades as well as they suck as far as cushion goes. Nike or JB can learn a thing or two from the AF1s or Air Maestro 2s. now those shoes feel like your typical classics as far as cushion goes.

        1. Subjective. Not everyone finds this shoe to be uncomfortable. If that were the case, this shoe would not be as desired, then actually worn. Top seller of all time, and it isn’t because of looks alone, because people are still playing in the things, everywhere.

  1. it’s a 45, so it’s definitely a BIG NO for me. and yes, that particular moment in that Orlando game that stuck on my mind and made me hate these 45. and also, Nick Anderson sucks.

  2. I wanna get a pair of these soooo badly. Ever since I was in Grade 6 when these came out originally, I have looked at these shoes on the feet of the richest kids in school (while I wore my trusty World Balance shoes – Philippines represent!) all because we couldnt afford them. Now that I can afford them, it will be difficult to attain once again…my local FootLocker employees are super corrupt. The same set of people always seem to win the “raffles”…and for a wide release, they seem to just get 1 pair of each size from the manufacturer (odd, since they should get more than one pair for each size right?). Why can’t the people that truly want the sneakers just simply buy them…the ones that truly appreciate their value, the history, and the worth. Instead it goes to the hypebeasts that don’t even know anything about the sneaker, or the resellers that resell them for way too much. Anyways, I’m rambling here…this pair just means so much to me, and it pains me that I probably won’t be able to get a pair even if I put my name in for a raffle or line up right in the morning….

    1. relax, they seem to have made a lot of pairs of the concords for this december, if you try hard enough (i’m assuming you won’t have to try that hard) you should be able to get a pair

    2. they won’t run out. besides, it’s not your typical 23. so they shouldn’t be that difficult to find. anyway, it’s not just your typical footlocker, it applies to all of them shoe sellers. employees themselves are in cahoots.

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