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adidas Unveils the D. Rose 4 and Apparel Collection

adidas Unveils the D. Rose 4 and Apparel Collection 1

adidas today unveiled the D Rose 4 signature basketball shoe and apparel collection – the latest in a line of premium and personal signature products designed for Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. The D Rose 4 features an exclusive, tailored design inspired by Derrick’s distinct on and off-court personalities. The shoe will launch worldwide on October 10 and is available for pre-sale now at adidas.com.

“When I’m out on the court I’m doing everything in my power to win, and off the court I’m a pretty laid back guy who likes to spend time with my family,” said Rose. “It’s cool adidas used this in the design of the shoe, and it performs great on the court and looks really nice off it.”

Divided by a bold line at the ankle, the front and back of the shoe represent the two distinct on and off-court personalities of Derrick. With tough and strong materials and innovative technology, the back heel was designed to highlight Derrick’s game and enhance his explosive and attacking style of play. The front of the shoe, made with premium materials and a sleek, clean design, represents Derrick’s relaxed and understated off-court style.

“On the court, Derrick is a competitive and explosive player, but off the court he transforms into a humble person who is deeply dedicated to his family, team and the city of Chicago,” said Lawrence Norman, vice president, adidas Global Basketball. “This is what makes him truly special in this sport and this shoe, unlike any other, showcases these two sides of Derrick.”

In addition to reflecting the two distinct sides of Derrick, the D Rose 4 features updated performance and style characteristics that help to elevate his game and represent his unique style of play.

The shoe uses adidas’ Crazyquick outsole traction system – the company’s latest performance innovation – that gives Derrick maximum control and flexibility for quick moves on the court. adidas’ new SPRINTWEB technology, dynamic GEOFIT ankle support and improved molded SPRINTFRAME enhance the support, comfort and control of the shoe. And, in what has become a trademark on Derrick’s shoes, the three stripes on the back heel remind Derrick’s opponents of his quickness when he drives past and over them on the court.

The D Rose 4 also includes detailed style elements to deliver a clean off-court look. Premium elements include the gloss upper pattern featuring a modern material finish and smooth synthetic leather, a reflective D Rose logo on the ankle collar and an eye-catching hologram material overlaid by perforated synthetic leather to highlight the shoe’s prominent D Rose logo on the tongue.

In addition to the new shoe, the latest from the signature collection uses adidas’ most premium products and includes fleece sweatshirts and pants, tees, shorts, hats and socks to hook up with each colorway of the shoe.

Both the D Rose 4 and apparel collection feature the distinctive D Rose logo with three petals that revolve around the letter “D” and number “1” in the center. Derrick and adidas collaborated in 2012 to design and unveil a logo that represents his unique style of play and his family who helped guide him from Englewood to the NBA.

The D Rose 4 launches at adidas.com, Foot Locker, Eastbay on October 10 for $140 in three different colorways. Five other editions will launch through the end of the year.

The D Rose signature collection is available October 10 and ranged from $15 to $80.

adidas Unveils the D. Rose 4 and Apparel Collection 2

adidas Unveils the D. Rose 4 and Apparel Collection 3

    1. They pretty much had to drop the price a bit, the next one will probably be back up there, we can’t act like him not playing in the 3 didn’t hurt the companies pockets.

      Had he rocked them on the court in legit games, I highly doubt I would have been able to cop the home/away colorways both under 100.

      Now this black on black(crime) color way is sick, I’ve been won over and will cop them.

      1. It could very well be the stigma of Louisville Cardinals player Kevin Ware breaking his leg in the Rose 3.5 during the Final Four tournament on national TV.

        I know that it could’ve happened to anyone, but Ware’s accident in addition to Rose sitting out all year can mess with the uninformed people’s mind about running with the brand. Adidas in a way, has to build the hype back up for the Rose line.

        Frankly I may sleep on these until I see what the Rose 4.5s are about. I’m loaded for the year already thus far and I’d imagine that most people are as well. There have been so many bad ass kicks released in 2013 so far.

  1. I like the darker colorway where the split isn’t as noticeable. A really dope design that makes me sad I can’t wear them(wide feet Sprintframe is like two knives digging into my feet)

    1. Yo got a point man. Switch the adiprene with addidas boost. And thats all i needed for a basketball shoe. Even though i play 3-4 i wanted a low to the ground feel but i want impact protection and responsive foam.

  2. Guys I bet you that before we invented shoes like back when they had to wear towels and sandels in like 2000 b.c they would decorate the dirt on their feet

  3. If the had addidas boost in it. Or in 4.5 it’ll be the next big thing for addidas. Sprintframe, Sprintweb,Geofit Collar,Pure motion that has a good rubber. Then it’s a good competition again!

  4. The Rose models seem to be riding higher and higher with every release.. the 1 and 1.5 had the best court feel ever.. well I suppose it’s a signature model so I guess it’s what Rose wants and I’m guessing these will still be really good performance models with great fit, traction and support but the court feel of the 1s and 1.5s were crazy.. you have to try them out if you can ever find a pair nightwing! The previous Puremotion is amazing.

    1. The Adidas Thorn is basically the Rose 1.0 with out the stripes going under, you can get them on Amazon ect, for like 65 really clean pair of shoes, with the Puremotion. The difference between it and the Rose is simply for D Rose on the original shoe they went ahead and put the stripes under it. It was before they knew how big Derrick would get, or how big with Adidas he’d get, they’r great indoor and outdoor kicks I agree. You can really control your movement in them.

  5. designwise they look like a generic adidas basketball shoe to me. i expected something really outstanding and special for a signature shoe and they totally fail. they just look too similar to all other current adidas models.. still a big fan of the 3.0 though..

  6. As unimaginativr as these are tech-wise, I think I will probably pick up a pair if the rubber is more resilient than the crazy quick, I really want to try a pure motion shoe, I’m a rose fan, the rose 3s were real good to me last winter and the shoe looks incredibly breathable…plus the all black color way with red laces is a real sight to behold, I never would have thought that I would warm to these, but that color way is just a beauty….

    1. I didn’t think that a specific colorway could make these shoes look much better, but man, that black colorway with the red laces does look pretty good in these pictures.

  7. it’s a decent look for the drose4 except for the royal/electricity colorway, i mean that was just not appealing at all. i hope it performs better on the court though. the only thing i don’t get is why would adidas insist on having a minimum set-up for rose knowing that he is a very explosive player on the court. can’t wait to get the shoes though. looking forward to your review on this shoe nightwing! more power to you and the kicks on court team.

  8. Its solid apparel wise I got some of the White Rose shirts and they fit snug, had to send them back and go with a xl, I am 6’4 205ish if you are interested in Rose gear. Last year the three was the “plain shoe” the 3.5 was totally opposite so in January i’d expect the 4.5’s to have something bold to them.

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