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Adidas Stan Smith Golf Performance Review

adidas Stan Smith Golf

The Adidas Stan Smith Golf is an excellent example of today’s hybrid golf shoe. Taking an extremely popular sneaker and retooling it to make it an outstanding golf shoe can be difficult, but Adidas was clearly up to the task.

This isn’t your dad’s classic Stan Smith.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf

Release Date: June 2022

Price: $120

Sizing: True to Size

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  • Rundown: The classic styling and well-thought-out golf tooling make the Adidas Stan Smith an extremely fun pair to wear on the course.


  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Traction


  • Availability
The Adidas Stan Smith Golf on foot look.



The Adidas Stan Smith Golf is flat-out comfortable. At first glance, I didn’t have many expectations as far as the comfort of this sneaker, but once I played a few rounds in them, my eyes were opened. Despite not featuring Adidas’ top-of-the-line BOOST cushion like the Adidas Tour360 22, the Adidas Stan Smith Golf kept me focused on my golf game instead of worrying about how my legs would feel later that night.

Besides feeling comfortable underfoot, the fit overall contributed to the comfort of the sneaker. Maybe it’s because Adidas did a great job at maintaining the classic Stan Smith construction and fit, but they just fit great. They didn’t squeeze my feet like a lot of golf shoes do nowadays, but still kept me locked in and locked down.

It’s hard to put into words why I gravitated towards the Adidas Stan Smith Golf so much, but I did. It was like I was rocking a comfortable casual shoe to the course. I could put them on and just forget I was even wearing a golf shoe, but as soon as I had to do something golf-related the tooling upgrades reminded me just enough that this shoe was suitable for the golf course.


It’s not very often that I comment on the looks or style of a golf shoe, but for the Adidas Stan Smith Golf it’s pretty much impossible not to. Admittedly I’ve never owned a Stan Smith sneaker, but have always loved the very clean and classic look.

This particular pair of the Adidas Stan Smith Golf is a special edition, featuring the tongue flap that you probably would have seen on the golf shoes of yesteryear, but Adidas has plenty more Stan Smith Golf models coming down the pipeline.

The fact that I can throw on a shoe and have it look so unrelated to golf, yet still perform like a golf shoe was just the coolest feeling. I’ve been tempted to take the Stan Smith Golf off-course, too. Unless you’re staring at the bottom of the sneaker, these look almost exactly like a normal Stan Smith, which is just awesome.

The back of the Adidas Stan Smith Golf featuring the Stan Smith logo.


By now you probably know where I’m going with this. For a spikeless sneaker, the Adidas Stan Smith Golf was excellent in the traction department. The outsole is made up of little rubber nubs that Adidas is calling the Adiwear Outsole. They were flexible, but not too flexible, and kept my feet solidly where they were supposed to be.

The only slight concern I’d have with a pattern like this is if you’re playing in wet conditions. I didn’t get a chance to experience anything other than extremely burnt-out and dry grass, but I would venture to say that your mileage may vary if the course you play is often wet and slick.

But for my usage, the Adidas Stan Smith had great traction.

The Adiwear traction outsole on the Adidas Stan Smith Golf.



Overall I loved the Adidas Stan Smith Golf, but a shoe is no good if you can’t get your hands on it. Because the Stan Smith Golf isn’t a readily available sneaker, I have to knock it for that. A golf shoe only performs well if you can actually buy it and wear it.

As I mentioned, more additions to the Stan Smith Golf lineup will be coming down the pipeline, but it’d be fun to see it stay full-time with enough stock for everyone. As of writing this article, only a few sizes remain, so if you want to pick up this particular pair, act accordingly!

The Adidas Stan Smith Golf is such a fun golf shoe.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf Summary

The Adidas Stan Smith Golf is just flat-out fun. Adidas took one of their most iconic sneakers ever and made it not only suitable for golf but a legit performance option. There isn’t much I can knock about this sneaker.

If you’re looking for a fun golf shoe that performs as well as it looks, you need to give the Adidas Stan Smith Golf a try. Come for the classic styling and looks, and stay for the upgraded performance and ultimate fun on the course.

Total Score


  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Traction


  • Availability

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