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Adidas Tour360 22 Performance Review

Adidas Tour360 22

With a plethora of the world’s best golfers in their stable of PGA Tour players, Adidas has really stepped up their golf shoe game. 

Piggy-backing off of the success of last year’s model, the Adidas Tour360 22 takes dead aim at the top spot in the spiked category.

Spoiler alert: these things hit the mark. 

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First Impressions

As someone who’s a big fan of bright colors, I fell in love with these right away. The blues and oranges work perfectly with a clean white upper. 

If these perform anywhere near how good they look, these could easily become my go-to pair. 


I’m in love with the materials. The upper is made from extremely supple leather that’s buttery soft to the touch. And I’m happy to report that the added waterproof coating doesn’t take away from the gorgeous looks or amazing feel. 

But the great materials come with a slight drawback; the Adidas Tour360 22 is not breathable at all. If you’re one of those people that naturally run hot, or if you do a lot of your golfing in warmer climates, you might consider looking in a different direction. 

Some extra ventilation cutouts in the tongue would have been helpful in this regard. But nonetheless, the premium materials felt…premium!

Traction on the Adidas Tour 360 22 is perfection. No slippage and no sliding.


I had high hopes for the Adidas Tour360 22 in the traction department, and these far surpassed the mark.

Generally, I expect the spiked options to provide exceptional grip, especially when compared to spikeless offerings such as the Jordan 1 Low G. These fit the bill perfectly. They feature what Adidas calls SPIKEMORE traction, complete with 6 TPU spikes to ensure maximum grab and grip.

The additional traction nubs (what I’m assuming is the SPIKEMORE) provided great lateral and rotational grip and served as a great compliment to the claw-like spikes. 


Is Boost still life? 

The dual-stacked Boost midsole on the Adidas Tour360 22 offered great step-in comfort, without feeling overly bouncy or plush. Whether I was making explosive or finesse moves, these felt awesome. Admittedly, I was worried that the Boost would cave a little too much when shifting my weight through the swing, but I had no issues at all. 

In my opinion, too much cushion can be a bad thing in a sport that relies on generating power with the lower body, but the Adidas Tour360 22 implemented the Boost perfectly. Adidas found a perfect balance between energy return, comfort, and stability that make these an excellent option for the walker or the rider. 

Speaking of stability…

Both stable and comfortable, the Adidas Tour 360 22 is great for walking or riding.


The combination of the great traction and excellent cushion made these a very stable shoe overall. I found these to be less narrow than a shoe like the Nike Air Max 270 G, which features a very narrow base. 

The wide base of the Adidas Tour360 22 gave me the confidence I needed to execute every swing. Uneven lies were no trouble at all, as I was able to escape even the most awkward of positions without losing stability.


The fit was excellent overall for the Adidas Tour360 22, in large part due to the 360Wrap support technology. Basically, Adidas used the TPU stripes on the sides of each shoe as a wrap to enhance the lockdown. With the shoelaces looped through the stripes, my feet felt secure on all sides and in every direction (hence the 360Wrap moniker). 

I went true to size, and that turned out to be the correct choice. 

Great cushion and excellent traction make the Adidas Tour360 22 a winner on the golf course.

Adidas Tour360 22 Summary

Adidas wasn’t playing around with this year’s Tour spiked model. Bolstered by excellent traction and long-lasting comfort, the Adidas Tour360 22 is definitely a golf shoe you should get your hands on.

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