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adidas Rose 4 Black/ Red

A lot of you are disgruntled with the design – or lack thereof – when it comes to the adidas Rose 4 but all it takes is one nice colorway to change a mind.

This is the colorway that has changed mine… every single pair I’ve seen has been followed up with a lackluster “meh” until now. Usually the Red based colorways are dubbed Brenda – no word on this being this years version of the Brenda colorway or not but chances are high that it is.

Do you like the way this colorway looks on the Rose 4 enough to sway your opinion or has there been too many recycled design details implemented for your own taste?

adidas Rose 4 Black Red


Via AK

  1. Personally these are nice but I’m waiting for some purple cw. Rose 3 purple cw was absolutely fire. Love adidas, love rose. For some reason thats enough reason for me somehow to not not like these shoes. I think I like the 773 II more tho

  2. Personally, I really like the Brenda Colorways! Too bad I’m a big guy so I really can’t wear them on court. The only turn off for me in the Rose Line is the cushioning since as I said, I am a big man. But overall, the aesthetics of the Rose Line is pretty darn good! BTW, keep up the good work Nightwing2303!

  3. The Rose 4 is the first pair of Addidas that looked good to me in years. Really dig the clean look. Hope they perform as good as they look.

    1. really? you think these look better than the Rose 3 and 3.5?

      I mean, to each his own, but i’m gonna have to say that no way are these a “clean look” at all..

      i’m sure it’s a great shoe, but still, it’s a Frankenstein to me… not much effort nor creativity by putting two shoes together like this…

  4. Negative on the Rose 4. I really dislike how they incorporated the two-tone in this generation. Nightwing mentioned in his last sentence about “..too many recycled design details..”. That about sums it up for me. All I have to do is take turns wearing my 3.5s and my ‘Quicks. There is just too much heat coming from Nike for Adidas to be slipping like this.

  5. I’m just a huge fan of droses shoes, I have one of each of his shoes because I like to collect his shoes.. And these are going to look pretty spiffy on the lineup!

  6. I want to like these. I really do. no matter how much I look at them they are a visual nightmare. granted the choice to segment the shoe into two distinct sections is odd but what really makes it impossible to like is the angle of the line. initially it looks like it is supposed to be perfectly vertical. but its not! its slightly tilted and not enough to be intentional. so the whole time it just looks off, like they screwed up

    the only way to make it the least bit palatable is to make both sections the same color. which defeats the visual intention of the design. chalk this one up as a total failure by the adidas design team

  7. Hey NW, this is a little off-topic but how did the adizero Rose 2.0 fit? I know you said snug but I’m talking about length. THanks!

  8. This design might be crazy enough to work. I’m a huge DRose fan. When he hopefully picks up where he left off, we’re gonna see all his highlights where he’s wearing these shoes. He’ll make these work just like Vince Carter made those ugly And 1 Tai Chi’s work in the dunk contest.

  9. Yeah I think It’s just a matter of CW selection, I prefer this BRED CW, Purple and yellow, and blue/navy blue/silver the best.

  10. For me personally adidas has run out of ideas and design. They should just make one great shoe, put all their best tech in one shoe and just go up from there, just like nike’s Hyperdunk. If I were part of Adidas, I would try to mix the sprint web and the tech fit together to make a more breathable more stronger shoe. I would put the Boost Energy technology as cusion and the new pure motion outsole.

  11. I feel like adidas is getting unnecessary bad wrap from consumers. The whole thing about how adidas is recycling too many of their designs and technology is interesting to me. Personally, Sprintframe, next-gen Puremotion and EVA foam cushion, which are the three main adidas technologies at the moment, do greatly increase performance. The old saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind. I have a pair of Rose 3.5’s in the Home color way. Absolutely fantastic shoe. And guess what they have, Sprintframe and EVA cushioning. The same people that say adidas has no imagination act like Nike doesn’t recycle any of their tech. Lunarlon, Flywire, Fuse…

    1. I think its more the design, not the tech. Everyone knows each company has their tech features. But when you put the same exact outsole, midsole & SprintFrame then you end up with a shoe that literally looks the same each time around. Do you really want to buy the Crazyquick 4 times over but they be called the Rose 4, Howard 4 & whatever else they name it? Not really… Esp when they are all priced so differently and you have thesame performance features in the same locations which ends up making them all play the same. That is the problem. I didnt buy a Hyperfuse after the first one bc there was no real changes. Same with the Howard 2 vs 3. Why would i or anyone else want to look forward to something new only to get the same thing? Its not the tech, the tech works perfectly fine… the designs are all the same and that makes thing no fun.

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