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adidas Rose 4 – Available Overseas

The adidas Rose 4 has made its way to overseas retailers.

I must say, the more I see them the more I like the clean overall look… I just don’t know why they placed that weird looking design on the toe. Only thing I can think of is that the materials is similar to TechFit. This colorway also is pretty nice… like a gunmetal colorway.

Take a look at these new images and stay tuned for U.S. release information as it becomes available. Also, thanks to GreekSneakCollector for sharing!

adidas Rose 4 - Available Overseas  1

adidas Rose 4 - Available Overseas  2

adidas Rose 4 - Available Overseas  3

adidas Rose 4 - Available Overseas  4

adidas Rose 4 - Available Overseas  5


Via Zakcret Sports

  1. Idk. Definitely have to wear them to decide. I don’t like how it looks like two shoes sown together. Plus the lack of innovation.

  2. LOL! I’ll pass on these, they look terrible. If anyone is interested, the Rose 3.0 is at Adidas outlets for $30 and the 3.5 are $50.

    1. i’m jealous you guys have outlets that sells last season shoes that cheap. here in australia they we only get one colorway adidas outlet sell them for $120 which were originally $160.

      1. at sports warehouse q-plaza they are around php4717 ($120??) at playgroundz just near q-plaza its around php5300 ($130??). i wish i could still get the 3 for outdoors and get the 4 for indoors.

        1. i have to warn you that the traction pattern on the 3s doesn’t last too long outdoors, and the materials will take a serious beating (though i guess that some of the 3.5s look like they have more durable synthetics)…a top shoe though

          1. the some cw’s of the 3.5’s have the icy rubber. i think they may last longer than the rubber. i saw the 3.0 chicago bears cw it looks more durable than the other vws of the 3.0. so i’m thinking of any of the 2.

  3. i would love to have this now. THe other colorways did not convinced me since i am a rose shoe lover because of the low to the ground and great support. But this is awsome. I’m wondering how much this would cost here in the Philippines. the 3.0 and 3.5 are still at around 5600 to 7000 pesos ($130-$150)

  4. At the outlet in Orlando the drose 3.5 are $60 and the crazy lights are $50. These shoes seriously do look photoshopped

  5. Man I need to find a friend in the US to buy me some of these shoes when they get to these outlets.

    We’ll never get anywhere near outlet prices here in Australia.

  6. why dont they just make two separate shoes from this one? i bet they would look much better… plus it might solve their lack of innovation

  7. Sorry NW, but I’ma have to disagree….that design is anything BUT clean! The whole Frankenstein concept of putting two shoes together and joining them with a zipper is just lazy don’t you think? I think i’m in denial because i keep feeling like this isn’t the final product haha…

    Loved the 3.0 and 3.5, and i can’t wait to see DRose back on court, but I definitely won’t be looking at his feet…

  8. By far the worst looking shoe of the Adidas Rose line. It Appears as though they stole the spizike concept and combined the crazy quick with the 3.0. This is another flop on Adidas’s part. The ironic thing is they may try to sell this shoe with the same price point as the Rose 3.0 and 3.5. What a joke

  9. I have to say, I didn’t really feel the design on these when they first leaked but now they’re growing on me. I like the point Nightwing made about the upper material that maybe it was intended to be a sort of TechFit material. That would explain the reinforcement webbing on the toe. I’m curious to see if Adidas has come up with a new Speedwrap design, something that would work hand in hand with the design of this shoe.

  10. Whooaaa, its a bit unexpected for the model. But i cant wait D-Rose put this on in a game :)lets see then. if he wears it, i’ll bought it :p

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