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The Return of the adidas Return of the Mac

With the T-Mac 5 retro a few weeks back adidas is here with another model that throws nods back to Tracy McGrady’s second signature model, the T-Mac II. It’s called the adidas Return of the Mac.

While the model resembles the silhouette of the T-Mac II, the tech used is not quite identical. A pureMotion outsole and adiprene cushioning can been seen for the tooling on the adidas Return of the Mac. Also, the T-Mac II had a neoprene inner bootie while this model does not. The adidas Return of the Mac also lacks the T-Mac branding, signaling a similar situation that occurred with the “retro” of the Reebok Big Hurt in 2015.

The shoe is pretty much a hybrid of technologies from adidas packed into a silhouette that is from that era many 80s and 90s babies are familiar with. The adidas Return of the Mac actually released back in 2011 (and were at Finish Line for $65) with different materials. According to TheFreshHeir, the 2011 Return of the Mac was much more comfortable than the original. The 2016 version feature faux reptile leather and a glossier forefoot material.

Now, another return of the Return of the Mac is on the horizon. There is no news on whether these will release Stateside but they are set to release in March in Taiwan for about $80 USD. For those who have never gotten a pair of T-Mac IIs, would grab a pair? Think these will perform on-court for the price? Let us know in the comment section below.

adidas-Return of the Mac 2

adidas Return of the Mac

adidas Return of the Mac 1

adidas Return of the Mac 6

adidas Return of the Mac 5

adidas Return of the Mac 4

adidas Return of the Mac 3

Images via Kenlu

  1. These look pretty damn good. Was never high on the previous versions that had rereleased. Definitely want a pair of these.

    1. Sadly no, even these are slightly narrow than real 5-Pod PureMotion(all new FYW retro’s are too narrow to), negating any barefoot, or natural effects because you’re ON the sole, not IN it.

      1. Even the new FYW retros? Thankfully my canvas Crazy 8s are okay. What barefoot options do we have now then ;_;

        1. Yes, I’m not exactly sure where the cut-off point is, but I used to be fit a size 14, now my feet spill-over the sides, and I need a size 15 at least(in some a 16).
          There’s really no true barefoot option anymore, there’s some more naturalist options(UA’s Anatomix, Jordan’s FlightPlate, the CrazyQuick 3, Kobe 11).

          @ICE09, they wouldn’t represent actual 5-pod PureMotion, they’re more like the flex-PureMotion(the CrazyQuick style), the construction looks similar to the Next Level(a $70 budget-model) so it would also lack comfort, you can still find some Supernatural Creator, or Commanders on eBay, and if you need a FYW, that is closest, try to find the Real Deal(for a lux-feel), or the Crazy 97(which is very firm, and you need to get snug, to get the heel to fit properly).

      2. Darn, I was hoping that this was my chance to try out the original PureMotion. So these wouldn’t be worth getting if I wanted to see what original PureMotion was all about?

        1. the PureMotion experience was more on the pod response. so it wouldn’t really matter if Adidas toned down the size a tiny bit which is not really substantial enough to make a difference in my opinion. so I would say you should be fine with these. these should work nicely.

          1. Well that sounds better then. I just can’t find any of the Commanders or Creators on Ebay in my size 11.5.

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