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adidas John Wall Signature Sneaker ?

Could John Wall be receiving a signature line through adidas? Nobody really knows for sure, at least for the time being.

This new adidas Basketball model could be a brand new model with PE branding, something we’ve seen before with the CrazyQuick 1 & 2 models. However, this could potentially be a signature sneaker. If this is in fact a signature model for Wall… does that mean Lillard is choosing to opt out of his contract and sign with another brand? I know Lillard isn’t guaranteed a signature model through adidas but if you were to ask most hoop and sneaker fans around… they’d probably say that they’d buy an adidas Lillard before they thought about buying an adidas Wall model.

As for the tech, nothing is known for sure right now. All I can see is that they’ve modified the hell out of the SprintFrame – which is great – and they are using a lot of mesh and Fuse-like material. The midsole doesn’t look like BOOST but it very well could be.

What are your thoughts on Wall potentially getting another shot at a signature line? Share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

adidas John Wall Signature Sneaker 1

adidas John Wall Signature Sneaker 2

Via HUPU & oklai19

  1. It looks almost like the d rose 5 w/o boost.. Seriously what’s with Adidas and their NBA 2k generic-looking shoes coming out? I do like the logo though

    1. Sorry but these look nothing like the D Rose 5, except for its shape and the midsole ish. I’d say these look more like Li Ning’s shoes.

  2. It could be the laces and color blocking but those remind me of a non leather version of Ling Ning Way of Wades with Adidas branding.

    1. Because that is what they’ve said they wanted. Sales tell the same story. Which shoe sold out first, Crazy 1 Lillard PE or the Wall PE? I pay attention to comments left by readers and 9 out of 10 say they want a Lillard signature.

      1. Oh well couldn’t it have been just because the PE looks better? I mean who knows what Lillards sig would even look like.

          1. I don’t think online sales are necessarily representative of popularity either. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the kind of people who flock to an online release tend to be hardcore fans, as opposed to your average basketball or sneaker enthusiast.

            Half the people I see rocking Lebron XI’s don’t know a damn thing about sneakers or basketball. They wouldn’t know the difference b/w Miami Nights and King’s Pride colorway lol.

            I think you’ve gotta give adidas the benefit of the doubt here. If there’s a Wall sig shoe coming out, they must think it’s the best financial decision.

            1. Hardcore fans are who they target signatures and PE’s to so I don’t really see your point there. Online sales mean everything. Stores carry a certain amount of stock whereas online sales come from distribution centers and warehouses where there are often times 5xs more inventory than what you’d find in the back room at Foot Locker. More stock and still selling out is the name of the game here.

              Wall is older and has been in the league longer but if he was someone that could have sold a signature sneaker then it would have sold when he was with Reebok… where were all those Wall fans then? If anything, the one thing that is 100% factual information here is that Wall has had a signature line that failed miserably.

              1. Yeah, I see your point. But I don’t think it’s fair to criticize Wall’s Reebok shoe for failing. First, it was a terrible shoe (I never played in it but I saw your review and I trust your assessment lol) and second, Wall’s first few years in DC were NOT conducive to selling anything. Having the worst record in the NBA over 3 years kills any chances at getting good publicity. At least players like Lebron had teams that improved bit by bit every year. Not so with Wall.

                I know I’m a homer, so even I take my opinions with a grain of salt, but I don’t think you can deny that with a good team, he’s in a better position than Lillard to sell shoes. Bigger market, highlight friendly game, and media friendly personality.

                1. Lol, I still disagree. Wall is in the better position to win… not sell shoes.

                  Lillard is hot right now and adidas knows it. You think these PE editions of shoes that used to be a signature for another athlete is what these players want? No… these guys want a shoe with their name on it but that’s not always what works. They put Dame’s name on these kicks so they’d make some quick cash and that’s exactly what happened.

                  Wall’s Reebok shoes were horrible performers but his PE’s aren’t selling well either. Compare both Wall vs Lillard PEs and see what’s out there on the huge online inventory market. The Lillard Crazy 8 sold out with two different release rounds and are only now sitting in certain sizes… same with the Crazy 1 PE. Meanwhile, Wall’s PE of both models are avail… readily online where there is the most inventory to move. It’s a bust.

                  Who do you think is selling the Rose line right now? It isn’t me… it isn’t Rose… it’s Lillard.

                  1. Well damn… I can’t argue with that haha. Right now Lillard is more popular, so based off right now he should get the sig shoe. But give Wall some credit long term, maybe? Where will he be in 5 years time? Idk, no one does probably. But I do think Wall has more room to grow into a superstar kind of player. I’ve seen him play Lillard in person and the discrepancy in talent is pretty large (no disrespect to Lillard).

                    Anyway, thanks for schooling me LOL.

          2. Nightwing, Once again a black and red shoe is going to sell more then the pink shoe. I’m a a bigger Wall fan then Lillard and I would still take the Lillard PE. As for Wall with reebok, Reebok just doesn’t sell well. There shoes are always hitting clearence, For example, Shaq Attaqs, Shaqnosis, Answers, Questions, Pumps, etc.

        1. Hey NW, lake show kinda has a point. PE or not, most people would pick up the Red Crazy 1 over the Pink Crazy 1 lol. As far as the Crazy 8 PEs, both colorways are sitting on shelves, in my area at least. The 2 John Wall CQ PEs sold quick here though. I guess Chicago is the 1/10 that like Wall over Lillard.

          1. Im not talking in-store sales. That depends on demographic within each particular area. Too many factors to get a real feel for things. Online is where anyone and everyone can buy the product, Lillard’s PE sold out and Wall’s sat for a bit… might even be avail in some sizes still.

  3. Boost or not, these look sick. Unless a performance review says that these are off the charts terrible, then these are an instant cop. Ridiculously clean silhouette. Pure coincidence too that Wall is my 2nd fav guard right now.

  4. i liked the way the upper looked on his last to sigs, i just didnt like the zigtech look. if they would have used DMX of Hexalite i would have been on board.

  5. If you look closely top left, you see bright green. Could these possibly be next crazyquick or crazy lights?

  6. now if my boy kyrie or paul george could play more consistently maybe they’d get one too. I know if Paul George had one, they’d be crazy

  7. I would except a shoe looking more like a crazyquick for Wall, i am not feeling this and i am not feeling Drose5 ‘s. I hope they ll make changes before retail or at least they will be performance beasts…Otherwise i am not copping them. Nightwing i rely on you.

    1. Damn, good eye….
      Far as all this wall vs dame….only reason I’d grab a dame shoe over wall’s is the color blocking

      BULLS TILL I DIE @@$#@$@#$@#$#@@#$@#$@#%@#$%$#^%@$^@

  8. First photo looks like a WOW shoes to me. Finally Adidas making progress in the desing aspect. Most Adidas shoes recently look pretty much the same. But Yes I’d go for lillard before wall.

  9. they have the same outsole as cl3/crazyfast/crazyshadow I’m pretty sure. the green shoe in the back is the same as the john wall shoe

  10. Disclosure: I’m biased bc I’m a Wizards fan, but I’d love a Wall signature shoe. In my opinion, he’s a far more talented player with a lot more potential upside. He plays on the East coast (you don’t have to like it, but east coast bias is a real thing) and the DC metropolitan area is a HUGE market. Lillard is a great player, don’t get me wrong, but Wall is a big, highlight friendly guard.

    Stack that up against Lillard playing in a place like Portland and can you blame adidas not giving him a sig shoe first?

  11. I understand that this is Adidas and John Wall, but how long is Nike going to continue ducking Kyrie Irving?

    1. Kyrie Irving is supposedly getting a shoe this upcoming year… Even though Blake Griffin has no signature shoe, the Superfly 2 is the Blake Griffin shoe. Doesn’t need his name, but everyone knows the shoe for that reason. The HyperRev is Kyrie’s shoe and eventually he’ll get his own line but not ever athlete needs their name on it.

      1. So the Hyperrev isn’t officially Kyrie’s shoes? All this while I thought it was his signature line.

        With soccer, the shoes name doesn’t need to have the said player’s name on it to be his signature line.

  12. I think that midsole could be boost. Or at least, it doesn’t look like it’s definitely NOT boost. A Wall sig shoe without boost would be too sad…too damn sad….

  13. I can’t believe how boring/lame these shoes look…Seem so uninspired and don’t match his style of play…

    I think if Wall is getting a shoe then Lillard is too if he stays. Wall’s may have just leaked first.

  14. All arguments about who should have a shoe matter not to me.
    From my view the rose 5 and these look great.
    I know adidas can do great traction and low weight.Glad to see cushioning come back to the line up

  15. I love Wall’s game as much as the next guy, but on what planet is he better/ does he have more upside than lillard? Lillard has one of the prettiest jumpers in the L, and his range is DEEP…wall has been struggling with his shot since he came into the league, granted he’s improving all the time, but…
    Wall is a slightly better athlete than dame, maybe, I’ll give you that

    1. He has more upside because of what you just stated he is a better athelte, wall is already a better passer, rebounder and defender than lillard, he also a better finisher at the rim, while lillard has a better jumper, its easier to teach john wall how to shoot better than it is to improve court vision and defense

    2. Uh “slightly better athlete”? Wall’s speed is all-world. He’s practically a horizontal version of MJ. I’ve never seen a player go baseline to baseline as fast as Wall can. He’s faster with the ball than CP3 is without it…. Lillard is a great young player. No disrespect to him. But Wall is 6’4″, much faster and much stronger. He’s also a better passer as well as defender. At this point, Lillard is really just the better pure shooter.

      And don’t forget, part of upside is your market. Wall plays in a big market. Lillard does not.

    3. Pretty much going to repeat what Alex said. Wall is a MUCH better passer, athlete, and a crazy better defender. Lillard has shooting on him, but even then, Wall has improved that shot so much this year. Wall is easily the better player and has way more upside.

  16. I want to know where Lillard is going after this offseason being a sneaker free agent. I think he goes to Jordan Brand because of Ray Allen retiring and black and red are bulls colors, plus everyone on the Bulls are team adidas now. I want to know why Rose 5’s will have boost and what’s the big deal with boost technology I know its a running shoe thing, but how can that translate into basketball shoes? @Nightwing2303 please answer if you can

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