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The adidas D Rose 9 Will Feature Bounce Cushioning, Not Boost

adidas d rose 8 bounce
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When we first showed you all the adidas D Rose 9 it had a Primeknit upper and what appeared to be Bounce cushioning. Now, it looks like the D Rose 9 will feature Bounce instead of Boost.

Perhaps Boost was too unstable, or the brand is trying to lower the cost of Derrick Rose’s signature sneaker, or Bounce can now protect against impact enough for Rose. Whatever the reason, the Rose 9 will be using Bounce instead of Boost.

While Rose has been wearing the Rose 8 on-court, someone (presumably Rose) was photographed shooting around in the Rose 9 today.

The Rose 8 was unveiled in China back in September, and with sneakers receiving shorter lifetimes than ever now, the D Rose 9 could be arriving sooner than the fall. We’ll update you when we have more information regarding a release date.

For now, let us know what you think about the adidas D Rose 9 so far. Are you excited for it? Uninterested in it? Sound off below.

adidas d rose 8 bounce
Photo via @cavs


  1. I think they want to lower the cost of the shoe though i prefer boost, maybe it will depend on the colorway of the shoe, maybe they would also release a colorway with boost cushion, hoping that im right though

  2. He’s testing them. Adidas definitely trying to minimize the cost of production for D Rose line. I bet they don’t sell as they’ve expected since his traded and now playing from a bench.

    However, still my MVP.

  3. This colorway is so much nicer than the early photos! If they keep the upper a nice silver/gray like that and give the three stripes a gold or red/wine treament, it would look solid too

  4. Maby they’re trying to lower the weight of rose 9 to level of rose 2.5 or 3 and boost is much heavier than bounce or EVA

  5. I guess it’s saying something when we see him testing it this time. I don’t think we saw leaks of Rose wearing the 8 in advance (or the 7 and 6 from what I recall). Bounce can be more of a low-profile setup, so maybe we’re going back to the original Rose blueprints or being light and responsive.

  6. at some point adidas has to just take the L and move on. how you gonna make a sig for a guy who gets injured every 5 games? just give the guy a team model w/ his logo on it if you have to

  7. I want Rose to win Comeback player of the year one day, really I do. When he was healthy, he was exciting to watch, and gave every point guard in the NBA Nightmares when he showed up. That said, I haven’t been able to play in his shoes over the past few years due to Boost. I want to like it, but it is way too soft for me, not enough support. I hope Bounce does a better job in his shoes.

  8. …I like them. Bounce has been becoming more popular in the shoe lines and seeing the Dame 4’s and alpha bounce line getting more recognition i see this makes sense to have the Drose as a take down from boost. I’d like to see if they get to a 10th model.

  9. @bluedragon that’s how Nike works . adidas is doing good to continue the line. After all they stopped the tmac line to early

    1. this one. but I guess Tmacs Adidas contract ended early and also his career due to injury. Tmac was amazing when he was amazing. I hated it though when he came back and acted like jerk and just was there to gather a paycheck. totally change in attitude and doesn’t have that fire anymore.

  10. Even if Rose hasn’t been at an all star level in a few years, his line has consistently produced performance beasts. I’ll always love the 6 as the boostiest ball shoe adidas ever made. I understand the switch to bounce was likely financial, but if they can keep up the rep of great performers(and, for me personally, let the bounce be felt in the forefoot), then its all good. Bounce can be really nice if handled right.

  11. They look like they could be an excellent performer. Personally I like Bounce cushion in many contexts. Boost thus far is still running tech, some hoops models have worked well but they didn’t feel unique. For hoops it is still just another foam

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