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adidas D Rose 5 – Official Unveiling + Detailed Look


The long awaited unveiling of the adidas D Rose 5 has come and adidas is “Changing everything” with Boost Foam.

“Having the Boost cushioning in my new signature shoe makes it the most favorite of mine that we’ve ever done. I’ve played in them for a couple months, but every time I put them on it feels like a new shoe and it’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Now, I can’t imagine playing without Boost in my shoes.” – Derrick Rose

There you have it, the D Rose 5 is approved by the man himself and the addition of Boost Foam has everyone anxiously awaiting the release of the fifth signature model from adidas. The D Rose 5 showcases some familiar features previously seen in the Rose line such as an external heel cup and adidas stripes on the rear to let your defender know who your representing. The D Rose 5 also utilizes a molded ankle similar to adidas’ GEOfit technology for a more comfortable fit and added support. Of course the addition of full length Boost Foam is what everyone is talking about and adidas looks to “Change everything” with this new cushion setup.

The D Rose 5 was unveiled in the four colorways seen below. Two of the four feature a speckled and cracked detailing on the midsole/modeled ankle. These same models also look like they have different features than the other two including fuse overlays and a different lacing system. The tongue branding and materials also look different and this may be a premium version of the Rose 5 or it could be an outdoor version. Only time will tell and these features should not change the performance of the Rose 5 as these seem to be purely ascetic differences. Overall the D Rose 5 is fitted with an insane amount of technology that should help ballers perform at a high level.

The D Rose 5 is set to release on October 23 for $160, check out the official press release photos below and stay tuned to WearTesters.com for any of your performance needs.










Basic RGB



Via Press Release

  1. Hey Jarron. Can you tell me why there are 2 different types of drose 5 i mean its kinda obvious that two of them are different with the tongues and the heel area since one also has the tab.

  2. Another thing that I read earlier today, is, that Derrick Rose said that they’re so durable, he’s worn the same pair for months, and that he’d still be wearing them if he didn’t give them away to a kid.

  3. Brenda all day.
    Please let the traction be great. I feel like they have to be to get a guard’s approval like that.

  4. D Rose wears sooooo much support that it looks like it restricts his movements too much, that it makes him more injury prone! i hope he stops wearing so many support accesories…

    1. Just by pure physics logic alone, I think those speed wraps maybe a factor in his knee injuries. When making hard turns, cuts, etc., the ankle should be able to bend. When the ankle is too restricted, where is all that energy going to disperse? The next flexible joint aka the knee.

  5. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Nike collaborated with Adidas to create the greatest performing basketball shoe ever created, The Nike x Adidas Crazydunk, with Full Length Boost, and Full Length Zoom.

  6. If the outsole is durable as the Rose 4’s
    then this is a must cop for me . .
    well gonna start saving money now 🙂

  7. i just want to ask, who the changed the traction pattern in the d.rose 5’s? it was already there in the sketch but they changed it. tsk. tsk. tsk.

  8. I’m glad they got rid of the 3 stripes on the tongue. It’s a little thing but threw the whole shoe off for me

  9. It looks like there are two version of the shoe. The heel tab and tongue are different on the alternate and white pairs.

  10. 5s aren’t even out yet and I’m already considering the possibility of the 6s…the return of PureMotion perhaps? O_o

  11. Talking about ugly. Jesus. Do they have to put that big ass drose logo on the back? And the design on the ankle…

    Even kd6 looks better than these.

    Adidas needs to hire someone who can spell aesthetics.

  12. definitely digging the reds.

    Do the 5s have boost in the forefoot too? If not, what is the forefoot cushioning?

  13. Why do different colorways have different materials on the upper? The black color has a suede looking upper while the red looks like synthetic leather.

  14. I said I was going to wait on these, but damn nothing like some legit hi-res photos(not counting the cgi photos) to make a difference.

  15. to anyone who already have a pair, what’s the material of the outsole? the gray part and is it durable for outdoor courts that would easily burn other shoes out?

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