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adidas D Rose 5.0 ‘L Train/ Brenda’ – Another Look

I’m not entirely sure what the nickname is for this colorway of the adidas D Rose 5.0, but it looks just like the L Train model from the Rose 2 line and could also be the popular Brenda version.

Either way, I’m really excited for these to release. So far, the Crazy Light Boost has been a huge letdown for me on-court. They’re decent but nothing special… especially for their price. The upcoming Rose 5 on the other hand… these better be something special otherwise it’ll be a huge miss.

Check out another look at the Red version of the D Rose 5.0 below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

adidas D Rose 5.0 'L Train Brenda' - Another Look 1 adidas D Rose 5.0 'L Train Brenda' - Another Look 2

Via conkeror21 & ink3ufang

  1. Your statement on the Crazy Light Boost has rocked the basketball shoe world. If they can’t even be pretty good people will flock to Lebron’s and Jordan’s for unlocked Zoom and Lunarlon. Come on Adi Dassler!

  2. I mean, what were people expecting? Standard Eva on the forefoot?? That’s a damn joke for the price. All hope rests on the Rose 5.

    1. EVA is what the previous Rose line was made of though. There might have been slightly more of it used with Rose’s, but we’ll have to wait and see how the EVA on the Light BOOST compares.

      I was balling in my Rose 3.5s last week and they were still great until I did one monster plant before take off. Man my right knee was singing before the takeoff and the landing OUCH.

      1. The previous models had altered EVA, some models had more bounce than others. I remember the 3 being the best of the bunch in terms of bounce with the EVA and the 4’s while minimal didn’t bother me. The CL have a VERY firm EVA up front. Been playing in them since I got them and they still haven’t broken in… been a little over a week now. Just feels flat compared to the Boost. Prob more glaring of an issue bc the Boost is there, honestly.

        1. NW I knew your experience would provide some clarity on the EVA. Would you say that EVA foam is legit for high flyers though? On one hand the cushion provides the court feel ideal for a guard, but the impact protection on explosive movements seems to be another story.

          I saw Long 7 slicing and dicing up the Boost Light and bare minimum forefoot cushion can cause those shin splits and injuries if not addressed. I think a cushion source such as Boost is long overdue for a player like Rose. Hopefully his game hasn’t deviated too far from his explosive form and doesn’t play all conservative this season.

  3. Think that that will be the “Chicago” colorway based on the blue on the laces and the star print. Looks awfully like the Chicago flag

      1. Perhaps the red line or the blue line for the subway in Chicago if it was similar to the L train on a previous model D Rose

  4. I like the crazy light boost. I guess it really comes down to preference because I’m one of those that like the low to the ground feel and the crazy light boost does just that. What concerned me was the two platforms. Forefoot and heel. Like the Jordan 28’s that was the platform they used and you did get that less than smooth transition. But you don’t get that with the crazy lights. But the upper feels great and the range of motion is still present plus the lockdown from toe to heel ain’t too shabby either. Despite the forefoot cushioning, which to me isn’t that bad either, I like them. But I can’t wait for the d rose 5

  5. Truthfully comparing this w the cl is not going to be Accurate. Rose passed the torch n he has say so in how his brand is made. We’d going to see this shoe on Damien lillArd til the next crazyquicks w boost. Like nw said noticing the difference is due to the boost feel which is through out. It’s rumored should rose stay healthy he will play in the 3 4 And 2 (which seems to be looking At being re releAsed As a Adidas MVP and return of the MVP marketing. All roses have been on par w all top shoes. With rose wAll lillArd josh smith Howard Duncan Kobe throw backs as well Mike Conley Noah Jimmy butler faried Gibson all under contract, Adidas knows whAt they’re building. With t Max n rose having health issues n Kobe’s past legal issue Adidas will honor rose’s contract put out shoes like the 2.5 3.0 4.0 which All are top ten rated Shoes with this site. Also Damien hAs his own shoe as does wAll beyond cl or can (which IMO beat the modern lights. We’d going to see Adidas sell and resell t macs a him considering return. Would love to see nike v Adidas on court

  6. Think there’s ever going to be a low top? I know rose said he doesn’t like high tops but they’ve come out with low tops for every rose models except for the 4s

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