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adidas D Rose 4 Ray Purple/ Running White

Did you get your Finish Line Holiday 2013 look book yet? If you’re still waiting for it to arrive then keep your eyes peeled for the adidas D Rose 4 in Ray Purple/ Running White and what looks like Volt.

Release date is said to be November 21st so if you like the colorway then mark the date on your calender.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the colorway in the comment section below and stay tuned for more performance info soon.

adidas D Rose 4 Ray Purple Running White

  1. Hmm I read under Foot Locker releases it would be a November 7th release, not sure just sharing information.

  2. http://thehoopdoctors.com/online2/2013/04/sneak-a-peek-adidas-d-rose-4-d-rose-englewood-rose-773-ii/
    Here’s a sneak of all of the original colorwaves.

    + The Englewood 773-2


    I know the 773-2 has taken a far back seat with the Rose 4.0 out, but it’s still a great shoe and I love balling in mine, very grounded feeling, and a different look for those who didn’t like the split design.

    I played around with my adidas today- if you could customize the stripe, use the blue from the Simeon, or just more colors. It’s limited on the Rose 4.0’s, definitely a cool concept, but it would be really cool to fully customize.

  3. ugly looks like the joker i like what kobes did with the 6 made a purple that cant quite be told from a blue.. i designed a id of the 8 with that in mind i like that..

  4. I’m confused when the Home Rose’s come out, most sites state they are already out in fewer words, yet online it’s the blue and yellow, the away, and the Brendas. I have a Adidas gift card and am highly anticipating the home Rose this year.

    1. I’m waiting for the Home colorway too. I have a feeling they are gonna drop in December though since this month we get the broadwalk, ray purple, and what I’m guessing is gonna be the Bears colorway.

      1. Ya man, all initial September 22nd release information sites are saying home away and breanda’s; however the Home Shoe never came out- I was wondering if it were per location. Ive checked the scheduled releases, and am simply confused by the fact the shoe has not come out.

        1. K the home color wave got put off til December 5th also, I’m waiting to see if Mi Addidas adds more options with base colors so that’ll work for me.

          Still loving the away Rose’s, I have been breaking down defenses incredibly quick, some hard fouls- best feeling is when your heels slide into that heel cup and you maintain balance after a hard hit. Right up there with throwing the floater up and getting hammered to the floor to realize you only need 1 free throw as opposed to 2 (speaking of the and 1 when you figured there’s no chance you converted on the shot you were fouled on) In 6 games my current season lows are 27 pts, 6 Rebounds, 5 Assist, 1 steal, though the overall numbers far exceeding these i’d be happy to take them as averages. Had a 9 for 11 3 point game last game, for a penetrator that’s pretty exciting. High in points 44, got to 9 boards and 9 assist, 2 blocks and 3 steals are my current highs. I would love to have my first triple double since AAU days. It’s so close. Triple Double with 2 steals, 2 blocks is dream like 😉

  5. I’ve been posting the colorwave chart, of course Derrick will add more and more as he wants to, but the original 8 are on it. It’s on the up close and personal thread. I can’t believe the Home Version has not dropped, the mi’Adidas is simply driving me nuts, you can make very few shoes… Why not allow us to use blue Adidas! Why not allow us to do what the Rose’s do not. I think the gold is awful looking, this is solid for any Laker fan- That doesn’t want Kobe’s.

  6. Not sure were to post this- It tried on the Lebron Carbon Fiber shoe coming out this year and sprinted up and down in a 4vs4 Footlocker game- I got to say I’ve been wearing my Rose’s and these just felt bulky, nice cushioning, good looking shoe- but the Rose shoe at 140 also, wow how can you justify buying a Nike right now. This Shoe’s lock down (Speaking of the Rose 4.0) is in comparison with Lebron’s and then some with the light weight and quality of shoe.

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