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adidas D Rose 4 – Available Now

The adidas D Rose 4 are finally available to purchase, try on in-store and take to the court. Check out adidas’ latest promotional video on the model and if you wanted to grab a pair then you can at multiple adidas Basketball retailers.

  1. Yes they are slightly lighter than the 773-2’s, lighter than the Rose 3.0 and the Rose 3.5, not quite as light as the 2.5, but that shoe had tons of complaints by consumers. Rose looks great, graces the cover of Slam and talk about the improved shoe, I honestly thought it was impossible, til I wore them in game. I’ve been having a 27-7-7-2-2 season in our mens league (Im recently 26) It’s a high level of competition and I’ve been sporting my 2.5s’ 1.0’s 3.0’s (the most) and threw in my Troy 3.5 for the last game dropping 37 ^-^ sorry a little bragging. When I read in Slam D Rose saying the shoe provided better lock down, and better ankle support and traction I literally thought “Derrick put the 3’s on one game) The shoe is a beast lighter than the 773-2, lighter than the 3’s-3.5’s this shoe has a killer ankle ankle support, it almost felt like Pure Motion which is why I love my Thorn’s and 1.0 so much, in a pick up practive with my men’s league team I had 3 dunks and found myself striding up and down the court, this is a shoe I had no intention of buying but simply found myself slowly falling for it. Like the hot girl in highschool, who took her glasses off, let her hair down and her breasts breath the Rose 4.0 surpasses the 3.0 which I did not feel was possible. Adidas and D Rose have a winner in their hands with this shoe. Hands Down, the MVP is back, Spurs worry not, you will not see the Heat again in the Finals should you make it. Rose is stronger, faster, and has mad ankle support. I’m highly impressed and stoked by the quality of the shoe. I cannot say it is “WAAAAY” better than the 3.5 but being better than the 3.5- that says a lot. Like I said in my other post, I just wish it had more of Derrick’s love for Chicago and personal touch, I also loved the fat tongue on the 3.0, but I understand. I would compare it in ways to the Hyperfuse, meets the 3-3,5+ 773-2+ Crazy Quicks. It has more durable tougher traction, and is a beauty in the right color scheme.

  2. These are definitely lighter than all of the previous models, very light, almost a cheap feeling when holding them in hand, maybe its because I prefer a just a little bit more weight. But they do look great in person, just waiting for the prism mint colorway to drop and I will cop a pair. 6 years of nike models and kobe vi after great experience with tmac shoes, its time to go back to adidas give it another shot. I’ve been looking for an overall “perfect” shoe for myself for a long time, hope rose 4 is the answer. Bulls 2014 Champions!

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