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adidas D Rose 4.5 ‘Hero’ – Detailed Look

We’ve seen a number of interesting colorways for the adidas D Rose 4.5 today and this latest colorway features a theme usually seen with another athletes signature line.

Red, White & Blue are the main focal points along the upper but the outsole features a golden yellow. What that means is anyones guess as nothing has been officially noted but its looks like a Superman colorway if you ask me. There are graphics behind the tongue, unsure as to what exactly they mean… I have a guess but I could be way off base with it.

Take a look at the detailed look below and let me know what you think.

adidas D Rose 4.5 - Officially Unveiled 29

adidas D Rose 4.5 - Officially Unveiled 33

adidas D Rose 4.5 - Officially Unveiled 32

adidas D Rose 4.5 - Officially Unveiled 31

adidas D Rose 4.5 - Officially Unveiled 30

  1. Nightwing, thanks for updating us on all of the upcoming news about this shoe! I personally love the look of the shoe and although they aren’t majorly enhanced compared to the rose 4, i think they’ll be one hell of a performer. And not to mention, I love the colorways, this one being my favorite. Is that a gum sole!? Looks sweet! Keep up the good work!

  2. The numbers were the lottery chances of the teams back in the 2008 draft. Chicago had a 1.7% chance to get the number 1 pick. Looks like the others are Seattle (19.9%), Minnesota (13.8%), and Memphis (13.7%). I was really bored and decided to look it up.

  3. I read that 1.7% is supposed to represent Chicago’s chances of landing Derrick Rose in the draft, which makes sense with the Hero theme, since Rose is the Bulls’ franchise player. This colorway is really nice, but the Brenda one is still my favorite.

  4. I believe the 1.7% on the back of the tongue refers to chance that the bulls had of getting the 1st overall pick in 2009, which ended up being drose. The fact that the bulls beat the odds to get a chance to draft a superstar from Chicago was a great stroke of luck for the franchise

    1. After thoughts are annoying. No one knows how a player’s health will hold up for the long haul, but you always draft for what you need and who is likely to be the most dynamic in the draft pool. Portland should’ve Picked Michael Jordan & Kevin Durant, but Sam Bowie & Greg Oden seemed solid and fit their bill. Kevin Love is a beast, but Chicago had big men already. Derrick Rose was THE pick in his draft class and what chi-town needed.

  5. I’m pretty sure that these are supposed to be a USA colorway. The outsoles are gum to give it a sort of “old-fashioned”, classic feel

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