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adidas D Lillard 1 ‘Splatter Pack’

We’ve seen some great color options for the adidas D Lillard 1, but these two are really nice looking.

Just to put it out there, the pairs official name or theme is not the ‘Splatter Pack’… I just didn’t know what to call them and they both feature a cement print on the midsole so it seemed fitting. The White pair even has additional splatter along the upper which looks great. Both colorways seem to feature premium synthetics and it shows as this is probably the best looking pair of Lillard’s I’ve laid eyes on. Other than the All-Star colorway, of course.

These are said to be releasing in September, retail price should remain at $105… adidas is killing it with the great price points too. Can’t beat affordable shoes, especially signature shoes.
adidas D Lillard 1 'Splatter Pack' 1 adidas D Lillard 1 'Splatter Pack' 2

  1. Im loving the DLillard 1’s. I picked up a pair of the all-star colorway and I’m definitely picking other ones too. I’m loving the silhouette and the materials. But the price point is the best part. While not as good as other signature shoes out there right now (mostly because of the fit…double socks anyone?), they still definitely get the job done on the court while killing it off the court as well.

      1. It’s smooth, and closed(and puffy around the stitches, exactly like the Paisley Weave, or Brenda Rose V) , suede would be fuzzy, and perforated.

  2. What’s the text at the heel? The AS colorway I scooped had “Sprintframe” at the bottom. These new pairs seem to have something different.

    1. If I’m not mistaken Townbiz is an Oakland thing, it’s also on the Dame REAL DEAL shoes. So it could also explain this pack, as a Raiders connection maybe.

  3. I think these are to pay homage to his hometown football team the Raiders. And it’s releasing at about the same time as the start of the NFL season.

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