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adidas D Lillard 1 ‘Away’ – Release Info + On-Feet Look

Mark your calendars and feast your eyes for the release info and on-feet look below of the adidas D Lillard 1 ‘Away’. According to the Portland Business Journal, the first colorway of Blazers Guard Damian Lillard’s first signature sneaker will launch Friday, February 6th, 2015.

Another tidbit in the PBJ article is the fact that adidas is releasing signatures (include the J Wall 1) to better appeal to the North American market. The company recently fell behind Under Armour in total sportswear sales in the region.

Lillard has said that he wanted to keep the price low, so the sneaker will feature adiPrene in place of adidas’ signature technology in Boost foam. With that said, no price point is known as of yet. Stay tuned to WearTesters for that, as well as more D Lillard 1 news.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, including what you think of the sneakers on-feet.

adidas D Lillard 1 'Away' - Release Info + On-Feet Look adidas D Lillard 1 'Away' - Release Info + On-Feet Look2 adidas D Lillard 1 'Away' - Release Info + On-Feet Look3 adidas D Lillard 1 'Away' - Release Info + On-Feet Look4

Images via @Oklai19.

  1. That huge Adidas logo just kills me! It’s so ugly nd a dominating look on the shoe. Also his logo is just letters smh idk I expected a bit more I guess. Hopefully they grow on me tho

  2. By just letters I meant in the front lol I would’ve liked his name in the back nd the logo in the front. But that adidas logo has got to go

  3. I like these except for the look of the toe box, reminds me of the WOW 2 but just doesn’t go with the rest of the shoe IMO

    1. As much as the jwall (no knock on jwall who’s ballinnn) looks like the drose 773 II! adidas has some subtle design similarities amongst their sig shoes

      1. they keep a theme. or they recycle. but i think the lillards are actually to most different looking shoe from adidas from the current line up. before you would see when the clight 1, rose 2 to 2.5, shadow and ghost and pro model. they hade the same outsoles(at least in shape). they seem to be basing off the clight until the 4th.

      2. todays line up, the crazy strike, ghost, wall, 773 III, rose englewood (3?) have the same midsole/outsole concept. while the shadow, howards and some mid end shoes have the same ones too.

  4. Dame is a legit sneakerhead. He also wasn’t on with Adidas when he originally was sporting D Rose’s shoes and has said often he models his game after D Rose. He wore Rose’s D3 shoe & about 2 months later Adidas locked him in. By the end of the year a 16 story Rose banner was being dropped and Dame’s RoY was being lifted. Amazing road he took from college compared to Wall & Derrick. 3rd year stars tend to see defensive adjustments or break through. I feel Adidas has 3 of the top 5 pgs in the NBA.

    Most definitely, along with Curry and UA an Adidas guard will with out a doubt hold down the other 1st team all NBA guard position. Dame- leads the NBA in 4th quarter points, leads the NBA in game winners, is tops in 3 point % per position, has insane handles. Wall- amazingly 1-2 in assist fighting with Rondo, however Rondo’s new team may allow Wall to lock it down. Rose, well is Rehabbing its great to see him on the court. We may see a definite new face of Adidas and face of the brand. Adidas in total outsold UA and Nike this year.

    More of a topic to look at, Melo, Kobe Durant, Lebron are all sitting quite a bit or in Lebron’s case not playing so great. it looks as if a guard or big will probably be pulling MVP home. Anthony Davis, youngest ever, or Steph Curry seem to be front runners. Interesting season, hopefully the last season with a preseason.

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