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adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled

Built for speed and power, the D Howard 4 features a comfortable and supportive upper combined with Crazyquick technology elements in the outsole.

The spiral wave design on the shoe’s upper is inspired by Dwight’s playing style and how he circles the paint protecting the rim by blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. The bright color palette of this Yellow-Gold-Blue colorway was selected to match Dwight’s personality while the tongue and three-stripes branding both feature a chrome treatment to stand out on the court.

You can catch Dwight wearing this Yellow-Gold-Blue colorway of the D Howard 4 as he tours Asia during Dwight Howard Tour taking place August 16-26 in Seoul, South Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Hong Kong and Hangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing, China. The D Howard 4 is available on adidas.com November 1 in three colorways with two more dropping in December.

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 1

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 2

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 3

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 4

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 5

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 6

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 7

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 8

adidas D Howard 4 Officially Unveiled 10

  1. The first 6 pictures have nothing to do with the other 3 pictures, the design is very different. Adidas made another mix of designs for DH4, maybe is what Dwight deserves lol!

  2. How is the shoes built for speed when Dwight’s game has very little speed in it? When I think of crazyquick Dwight does not come to mind.

    1. Trust me on this one. Dwight Howard is one of the faster centers in the league. He played in a run-n-gun system in Orlando. He is a 3-time Defensive Player of the Year. Quickness is needed for that.

  3. All these new sigs are most def beefed up versions of the CQ. A much thicker looking sole, and if you look carefully, after the first adidas stripe, the material changes from synthetic to Tech-Fit. All you peeps who wanted the next-gen Pure-Motion with cushioning, forget about the Rose or the CQ, this is your shoe. Most likely a pass for me. Just about every adidas shoe gives me a hotspot, especially where the front stripe is.

    1. I agree. Adidas seems to be using one basic design and going from there. I like the drawn designs better. Looks like a zipper.

  4. adidas has lost every bit of creativity with their basketball shoes…and it’s been this way for a while. same sole, check. incredibly similar upper, check. toebox featured prominently, check. wtf guys, wake up and make something new!

  5. They look a lot like the CQ. Slight details, maybe they could name it PE for Dwight Howard. They really get less creative by time, and just streamlining the production with 3-4 models. If performance is at the same level with 2’s and 3’s or even better then ok, but still, the design seems already outdated to me.

    In my opinion we will hardly ever experience the creative explosion of the 90s again. So many fantastic looking basketball sneakers were released back then.

  6. Nightwing is it safe to guess that the beefed up cushion will take away the low profile court feel of the Crazy Quicks?

    The PureMotion is pristine on traction; I absolutely love my CQs.

    1. Itll de take away a bit but we dont know how much thicker is is so it might not have an affect that we know of. With PureMotion still in place im sure theyll be great in terms of court feel, flex and traction. They used to use the older PureMotion on the Dwight and Rose team models back in the day so its likely the same thing here.

  7. i saw these like 2-3 weeks ago in a adidas store in Turkey when i was on vacation with family and im pretty sure the Rose 773-2 was there to but that released here so i dont have a problem with that but im like 1000% that i saw these there

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