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adidas D Howard 4 – Another Look

Not much has been said about the adidas D Howard 4 as of late but here is another look at them just so you don’t forget they exist.

If you’re a big man that wants a minimal setup then its a safe bet that the Howard 4 is the shoe for you. Still no word on US availability but whenever they finally become available I’ll be sur to update everyone.

adidas D Howard 4 - Another Look 1

adidas D Howard 4 - Another Look 2

adidas D Howard 4 - Another Look 3

Via sneakergaga

    1. but they look different and the range of variety out trumps adidas.
      i mean atleast theres differentiation between kobe durant and lebron’s lines. u can clearly see the difference in looks, target performance and tech used. and thats not even mentioning the hyperdunks, to the hyperposites to the fuses etc etc… i hope u see why ppl like myself are ‘crying’. its plain to see theres no innovation when they have so much potential but dont use it… ie. implement boost. ok rant over.

    1. what’s cool is that, they don’t have sprintframe, but they do have a mixture of the sprintweb and the techfit. kinda cool for the materials this time.

      1. agreed but I was looking for something different, new(assuming it is a legitimate leak) when I heard Tinker would be designing them. IMO, (and i love hearing others opinions) it seems like Tinker had squat, and decided to take the shroud of the xx8s, replace carbon fiber with plastic/ tpu type stuff and called it the melo m10. really hoping they aren’t actually the melo m10s, though if the shoes in the leaks came out as the xx8 se’s like we all thought, I’d be very happy

        1. From the leaked pictures I’ve seen of the Melo M10, it seems the midsole might be the same or very similar on both shoes. When I first saw the M10s, I thought that maybe Jordan brand isn’t releasing the XX8 Lites anymore, and are instead going to make that the M10, but the XX8 Lites are due for release next month on October 11th (according to the release calender at Eastbay). I wonder what is going to differentiate the two?

          1. Melos will feature premium materials. Theyll have the latest tech – flight plate, unlocked zoom etc – but the upper will be raw premium materials which has a different feel and is more luxurious. The XX8 SE is the same shoe as the XX8 minus the shroud… Its a naked XX8.

  1. Looks really comfortable like a cushioned crazyquick with more padding around the ankle. Lets hope they keep the price under $120

  2. Sorry about that rant I just felt playing in the kd v they felt like other hyper fuses with the same setup I do agree though that adidas can step it up I’ve had the crazy quicks and 773 2 but I just do not see people bashing Nike. Thank you for your guy’s insights

    1. Um, the kd Vs don’t feel anything like the hyperfuses, they also don’t feel anything like the hyperdunks, the lebron Xs or the Kobe 8s, which all differ from one another in obvious ways…I can’t say anything about the new pure motion because I haven’t tried it, but just because two shoes share the same tech does not mean they play at all the same. The problem with adidas is their signature shoes are all so similar to one another, we’re not talking about team shoes here…

    2. Also would like to add that I dont hate on adidas, I acutally own and love the boost running shoes, love the old rose range 2.5 and 3’s, also own a pair of crazy quicks.
      I’m just saying honestly, i smell no innovative juices from the adidas basketball division.

  3. Cmon everyone, just because it isn’t innovative, that doesn’t mean it sucks. PureMotion is great. Traction is amazing. Don’t let all the tech-hype fool you. If you want something innovative, just head over to Jordan or Nike or whoever else. That’s the good thing about having so many choices. If you don’t like something, just move on to the next one. Nobody is forcing you to buy their products.

    With that said… This shoe looks like it would be fun to play in. Unlikely I’ll pull the trigger on this one though. The part where it changes from pleather to tech-fit, right after the first stripe… That looks lie it will give me some a hotspot. If they moved that spot to the second stripe, then now we’re talking!

    1. Ultimate cop-out answer, and I love it. Just because I won’t buy it, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to critique it. If you don’t like it, move on, and stop reading the walls of text.

      See what I did there?

  4. I’ll have to leave my reply to NW here as the box got too small above and I can’t reply to it.

    Thanks for explaining the differences. I thought that the XX8 SE/Lite might have some changes made to the midsole and/or upper. I guess that is why it is called Lite, Lite makes more sense for the name if all they did is strip the shroud off. If they used the naming scheme, Second Edition, then to me, that would imply that it’s had updates, and/or improvements over the original. Another thing is, I thought they might make some changes to lower the cost of it a bit. You think the pricing will be the same/similar to the regular XX8s?

    As for the M10, I only saw a few pictures, and they weren’t very good ones. The midsole looked similar to the XX8s. When you say premium material, what are you referring to exactly? I assume that would mean leather? What other materials would be considered premium?

    The M10 sounds like it might be a really good performance shoe, especially if it’s at a similar price point to the current Melo line. Do you think that they will raise the price point over the current Melo’s? I’m thinking that they will.

    1. They will likely raise the price as they have each yr but not by much. Premium materials such and leather, nubuck and suede. The XX8 SE was never called the light/ lite officially – that was made up by blogs. Its the XX8 SE which stands for special edition. Why are they special? Dont know, the XIX SE were the same as the regular XIX but without the top cover and the same will apply here. Price will be less than the XX8 bc the shroud isnt there. What most fail to understand is that the material used for the shroud is extremely expensive which is why the price was so high.

      1. I got the “Lite” name from Eastbay. They’re calling it the Jordan XX8 Lite http://www.eastbay.com/ReleaseCalendar/

        I thought the price would be pretty similar, didn’t think the shroud would cost that much more. Thanks for educating us on that. Most people would probably think that the shroud doesn’t cost that much, I certainly thought that it would be inexpensive.

        That’s also fair enough if they raise the price a bit on the M10. If they do, I think it will be justified. I’m hoping that it ends up being a great price/performance shoe like the Jordan Super.Fly 2. Hopefully it doesn’t look tacky though. That’s one of the main issues with the Melo line, aesthetics, sometimes their looks tend to be on average side.

          1. lol, even though I have the Melo 8 Advanced, I agree, I think most of the Melos that I’ve seen are ugly. I didn’t want to say that though in case I offended anyone else that owns any of his shoes.

  5. I feel like making a signature shoe for such an unlikable player would always result in bad sales, maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but dwight Howard is as irritating as he is overrated, and each passing season we see his popularity decline further and further…

    1. I used to somewhat like Dwight back in the day (when he first started playing for Orlando), don’t like the guy at all anymore. Adidas really should look at dropping him. He is such a poor role model and it’s becoming a joke with the way that he’s acted the last couple of seasons. The only problem is, is that he went to Houston, and the Rockets probably still have a lot of fans in China from when Yao Ming (Great player btw) played for them, so I don’t think Adidas would want to miss out on tapping into that huge market. I don’t think there is much chance of them dropping him.

      Even though I don’t like the Rockets at all, I liked Yao, even went for them in that series against the Lakers (2009 season I think it was) when he got hurt and it went 7 games. I still think the Rockets had a punchers chance of winning that series if he didn’t get hurt, would have been awesome to see what would have happened if he was able to play in the last few games of the series. He was a really classy player and individual. Dwight is the exact opposite.

      1. i quite like watching the rockets, mostly because of jimmy harden (wearing my harden jersey right now as we speak), but i am an admirer of chandler parsons’ as well…but i agree with everything you said about yao, a real gentleman of the game.

  6. Hey NW what do U think about adidas should do 3 signature shoes 1 for rose crazyquick style 2 for rubio crazylight style 3 for howard crazycushion with boost

  7. The material looks cheaply made the puremotion theme give me a break plus they have a resemblance to the superbeast. Really? Come oooon

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