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adidas Crazyquick 2.0 ‘Damian Lillard’ Black/Red/White

Portland Trail Blazers G Damian Lillard has been wearing a new black/red/white colorway of the adidas Crazyquick 2.0 for the first two games of the playoffs. Whether or not this colorway will release is unknown at this point. Personally, I love this colorway because it is my favorite color combination. Tell us in the comments if you would lace these up. Also, what would you like to see on Damian Lillard’s signature shoe? Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for news on any upcoming releases.


dame cq2


Image via @damianlillard and @caseyholdahl

    1. We always say to buy what you like. All three shoes are great guard shoes. You have to decide for yourself.

  1. Best looking Quicks II colorway so far; that fade is everything.

    I can’t believe these Blazers are doing my Rockets bad like this. Great games played so far aside from Harden’s lack of defense SMH.

    1. Yeah man, idk wth is up with him, but I can’t talk, my Bulls are S’in Nene’s D.
      I use to argue don’t go for melo, now I no longer care. Cats starting to have that damn cubs “wait till next year mindset”. At some point you have to see there’s no tomorrow are go Nets with it, an that’s all in for NOW!!!. Build as if rose is DEAD, that way if IF IF IF IF he can comeback and do anything, you have now fixed the lack of scoring. I’ll go pout in the corner, before I turn this into a novel.

    2. dude could never play defense in the first place, he plays horrible one on one defense, and let’s not even talk about help defense…
      on the other side dame is pretty bad on the defensive end, too, but at least he tries

      ps aldridge is in god mode right now

      1. I’m glad you said that about Dame, lol even he has admitted it. Same with Curry, truth be told, most of the guards are only one way players in the league now, an that as a whole sucks. It’s cause “D” isn’t “cool”.

        That’s why I love some Beverly and That suns dude starts with a B, I can’t think of it to save my life. They give me hope for the league.

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