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adidas Crazylight Boost – Upcoming Colorways

A detailed look at three upcoming colorways featured on the adidas Crazylight Boost is upon us.

While these are far from the lightest Crazylight, they are still a pretty lightweight model and they will be the first shoe (available) to feature Boost technology. However, they were listed at the same price point as the D Rose 5.0, a shoe that features full length Boost. Not sure if its accurate (info was provided by adidas themselves), but if it is… why bother with the Crazylight at all? That’s what I assume a logical consumer would think… that’s what I would think anyways.

How do you guys see it; if true? Maybe these will suit you better than a Rose 5.0? Who knows, sound off in the comment section and share your thoughts. adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 1 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 2 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 3 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 4 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 5 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 6 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 7 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 8 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 9 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 10 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 11 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 12 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 13 adidas Crazylight Boost - Upcoming Colorways 14Via 


  1. I’m pretty sure these are already available on the european adidas websites, atleast on the swedish site they are.

      1. I wasn’t trying to say you were wrong Nightwing, it was more of a heads up for your european readers. I’m sorry if it come off as if I was trying to correct you.

        I love your content and keep doing what you’re doing!

        1. I didnt take it as if you were correcting me, I was just saying they were avail overseas and that they arent here in the States. You said you were pretty sure, I was simply confirming that you were correct.

          1. i have known some people who already got the D rose 5 samples and wearing them in China. like many of them lol

          2. Okay, i just wanted to make sure that you understood. Things don’t always translate the way you want to through the internet.

    1. Yes, I live in Germany and already received them yesterday! They are realy good, but the traction is not that impressiv. Played today with them the first time.

  2. The top two are already available in Foot lockers in Amsterdam. There are also ones that are more dark blue and have RICKY written on the front of the outsole, so I am guessing Rubio will be wearing those next season. There are also green ones available and the Lillards edition.

  3. Tbh I really wanna get the DAME model but the traction is really throwing me off. I love aggressive traction like the 2013 hyper dunk but the traction on these looks… weak. Plus aesthetically, I don’t really like the medial side, it looks too bland?

    1. Out of the 2 hoop shoes, yes I would Boost on the Rose 5. I did recently pick up a pair of Pure Boost for a vacation I took. I walked 10 miles on an island in those things and believe the hype on the comfort.

  4. Can’t wait for the dame player exclusivity crazy light. Is there gonna be the all red I’ve seen pics floating around?

  5. I don’t like the silhouette…ooh! They should’ve used the hyperdunk 2011 silhouette and the kobe 8 cushion setup with the aj28 traction pattern. Also throw in a giant swoosh symbol instead of shoelaces. Flywire all over the upper…yada yada yada…

  6. on an interview though with the designer i think featured in SC. they said the boost is actually not that small to what they show in the midsole window. they said it was actually extended to the back and not sure if it’s just a bit or thru the midfoot.

  7. the crazylight boosts are $1099 here in hong kong…which i suppose is around $140 USD…that’s pretty steep once you convert it, but the rose series tends to be about $1199-$1299 on release….
    by comparison the new 773 light III is $999….i’m really tempted to give these a try, just to see what the hype about boost is all about, but that traction pattern, i don’t even know….

  8. I know someone that u train with that went to adidas nations and got a pair of these and drose 5’s and tried them tere pretty good performers he also took another cool shoe coming out around Christmas so keep your eyes peeled

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