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The adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 Has Arrived Stateside

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After a yearlong break, the Crazy Light Boost 2018 is finally here.

The CLB 2016 was a fan-favorite top performer that stood out in a year full of great basketball shoes. The latest model uses a familiar set up with full-length Boost that is caged at the lateral forefoot but exposed on the medial sides of the shoe.

The Crazy Light Boost 2018 utilizes the same midfoot shank used on the 2016 but rides atop a new solid rubber traction pattern. The latest shoe is nearly identical in shape underfoot and in silhouette as the 2016.

The textile upper is lightweight and reinforced with a TPU wrap to secure the lacing system and prevent wear from toe drags. The wearer’s Achilles will sit in a foam-filled pillow backed by a slimmed down heel counter.

The adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 is available now at Eastbay.com for $120, the same price as the 2016 model. Three colorways have dropped and sizes ranging from 7.5 to 18.

Let us know if you’re interested in what the Crazy Light Boost 2018 offers in the comments below.

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Source: Eastbay

  1. They seem a little underwhelming. Not as much of an aggressive design as past models. The performance will probably be similar to 2016, but I think I preferred that look over these

  2. Adidas needs to make sure this model stays around and upgrade it properly.haha You don’t want it to be like the HyperRev series where it was hot and now it’s slowly phasing out into a cheap budget model.

  3. are they true to size? this is the first time im going to purchase adidas shoes, usually im a size 8 (not wide feet), i like those snug fits like the pg1 and jordan cp3 line.

    do they run long? i hope the fit aint like the dame4’s wherein you need to go for a half size down.

    can anybody help i like these CL 2018.

  4. Is anyone else tired of Adidas? Their sizing is all over the place (this is a pretty universal complaint not just me), the consistently fumble with colorways, they are EXTREMELY weird about how they release certain shoes (ie crazy explosive 2016 black primeknit was available for an extremely brief period of time then dissappeared from virtually all retail spots almost overnight). The primeknit 2016 crazy light Boost never got an official release in the USA. D rose 7 Low never got released in the states. Their performance shoes always take the longest to go on sale. The list goes on… the only thing they have going for them is that Boost is the best cushion in the market BUT they license the BOOST technology from BASF so they don’t even own a key component that has been driving their resurgence since 2015.

  5. I put in a lot of miles on the 2016. It was good except for 1. the heel slip was real, and 2. it was narrow af. Unless those are addressed, I can’t roll with these. The heel is a bit higher, so that seems improved, but it looks similarly narrow as the first one. I’m looking for another boost ball shoe, but it seems this won’t be it.

  6. I’m still rocking my clb2016 with continental rubber. Superb traction and stopping power with no squeaks and boost is heavenly. I fixed the heel slip issue by adding another thin insole below the thin adidas one and double laced them tightly. Clb2018 has a smaller heel counter but I won’t mind that as long as the traction is still beastly. These are better than Kobes performance wise, coming from a Kobe lover.

  7. These look awesome, but the CLB ’16 was the worst fitting shoe I’ve ever tried on. If/when they come out with a white/black pair I’ll try ’em on.

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