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adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 – Detailed Look

We get a detailed look at the upcoming adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 this is scheduled for a Summer 2015 release.

Boost cushion is only in the heel, but its a pretty substantial amount. The forefoot will likely be EVA, but I’m hoping adidas went with an EVA carrier with an adiPrene+ forefoot. PrimeKnit is used along the upper, and it’s very similar to whats featured on the Ultra Boost Runner, but basketball specific. Meaning the open sections are for flex and ventilation while the tighter weaves add strength where support is needed. One area that we were all worried about was the traction… and it looks like they aren’t messing around this time as the pattern looks amazing. It’s basically full length harringbone, but its large for greater coverage.

Check out the detailed look below and share your thoughts in the comment section. adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 1 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 2 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 3 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 4 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 5 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 - Detailed Look 6Via


    1. So only boost in heel and you’re talking smack about it, while Nike has only Nike zoom in heel and you don’t talk sh!t about it but you buy it? Hypocrite

      1. The hyperdunk which is Nike’s CL has a heel and forefoot lunar. Also how do you know he does not buy UA and have the Clutch fit Drive

      1. Woven doesn’t mean primeknit. The brenda rose 5 is probably going to be some sort of woven like Nike’s jaquard shoes. It looks that way in the pics, and I personally believe they would have promoted the primeknit aspect a great deal for the shoe like they did with the ultra boost. (If it were primeknit).

    1. Even though it’s not a high top it still is gonna keep you locked in cause of the “boot” or sock like fit, unless Adidas didn’t execute the shoe right.

  1. These would be a no brainer if they had full length boost. They had better stick primeknit and Full length boost on the rose 6.

  2. remember the rbk preacher? the hexalite windows are literally just windows and nothing inside? kidding. hope these are good.

  3. They are extremely light, of course, and the upper feels overall like the PrimeKnit. Heel boost only again. Went back again to look at them – only had a size 9 so I couldn’t try on.

  4. I pulled the insoles out and their was a clear line at the midfoot separating the Boost. Also, there was no texture under the fabric like the Rose or the runners. And the adidas reps told me heel only when I complained. So I would say for now, no forefoot.

  5. I know the Crazylight Boost performance review turned heads for all the wrong reasons but surpisingly it came out to be the best sneaker in my current rotation (which includes highly praised models like the UA Clutchfit Drive and the Kobe 9 Elite). I had no problems with the lack of boost in the forefoot or its traction. And the comfort level is umatched, for me of course. That’s why I’m pumped up for this next model, although a little worried about the apparent lack of ankle support.

  6. after wearing something like the Jordan 29s..you’ll sunddenly have an interest on all woven or knited upper basketball shoes.. love how they put a decent size fuse on the toe box for draggers like me and able to get the full potential of the primeknit upper. cant wait till august

  7. Rename as the “D Lillard 1 (Real!)” Though I have no problems with the original D lillard and even loved them but kinda excited about these hopefully deep grooves or stiff rubber for outdoor!

  8. These perform really badly. I own the mid and the fit is somewhat sloppy. Traction on a 24 hour court made me slide. Boost foam is nothing special in such shoes, particularly in the heel only. Unimpressed. Not worth the $200 AUD

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